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Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

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Howdy Hots and Fits!

Another weekend gone by…seriously they go by too quickly!!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty sore from the 600 reps workout, but in a good way. This is definitely a workout I am going to be incorporating into my weekly schedule!! Its so awesome!

Today I headed to the gym with one thing in mind:


Yea, it was that good.

  • 10 minutes on the stairmaster

  • 15 minutes HIIT on stationary bikes, alternating 1 minute resistance 4, 30 seconds resistance 8

  • 1 mile run on the treadmill @ 11 km/hour OR 8.5 min/mile

(I had to stop ever so often because of the shoe laces – I need to get a new pair of New Balance ASAP!!!)

So, I am back to the same old discussion of

Weight loss is 80% Diet, 20% Working out

I really, really, really, (say that 100 times more) do my best to eat healthy. I do. If it were up to me I’d be living off greens – I like them that much. But I live with my family and they stuff me. With food that’s not so healthy and certainly won’t make my abdominals pop!

Its frustrating. I just gotta work with it for now.

Some changes I want to incorporate…

  • Add cinnamon to my morning breakfast

  • Protein at every meal – why are so many people against that?

  • Go get some more low fat cottage cheese and combine it with fruit as a snack

  • Add a veggie portion every single lunch

  • Play the priority game when eating – protein and veggies are #1, essential fat #2, complex carbohydrate #3

Alright ninos y ninas, I am off to have dinner with the family (salad…) and then I am off to prepare myself because this girl told me I am doing the 250 reps workout again tomorrow!!

Wish me luck, I am going to need it!!!



600 Reps Workout

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image Can we just have a moment to appreciate these arms?


Or better, could I just have her arms? My gosh, Cameron, you are a goddess.


And look at these two. I will confess that if I find a man like Josh, both in looks and in I-exercise-with-my-wife, I might actually take the marriage option seriously.

How are you guys doing?

I was supposed to run 20 KM today but I didn’t because it was too cold. I am not too nervous because I still have a month till the half marathon and I think I will get in 2 of these long runs, one next weekend and one in the middle of March. I already did 12 and 15 and pace is looking okay (thought would like it to be better) so I am not overly nervous.

So what DID I do?

Well, I was still so sore on Friday morning (this week’s Sweat and the City workouts were just getting tougher and tougher every day!) so I decided to head to the gym but do very light cardio. So I just hopped on the treadmill and did some awesome hills (alternating 3% and 6% incline), HIIT on the bikes (1 minute level 4, 30 seconds level 7) for about 15 minutes and then cooled down.

I came home to find this:


Seriously. HOW can I ever achieve my dream of 6 pack abs? The familia is trying to sabotage all my attempts, all the time!

With the weather being nasty and all, I didn’t really want to get out of the house. But there was a huge grocery list which was piling up in items ALL WEEK LONG and someone had to be in charge. So I went and spent a lot of money and the supermarket, came home and thought “well, might as well head to the gym.” But then I had a vision of myself performing one of Zuzka’s workouts, called the 600 Reps Workout, and I decided to stay at home.


image Gear ready


Oh this was a lovely workout. The kind that makes your heart rate sky high and make you feel like you are using every single muscle in your body. Here is the video from BodyRock.Tv:

I finished in just under 25 minutes but my form was not as hard core as Zuzka’s especially not with the abs and leg extensions and with the push ups (did them on one knee).

I was dripping drip drip drip at the end.

Okay, I am not going to get ready because we are going out to the Hilton’s bar tonight.

In the meantime I wanna share two links I found this afternoon:

Cook To Bang – I know Valentines Day is over but I still think this could come in handy

Scanwiches – wow. People’s ideas do not cease to surprise me



Make me more flexible, pretty please….?

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Hi Hots and Fits!

I am so behind on the blog turf – my apologizes!! Let’s recap before I start excusing myself too much

I have been drinking lots of this:

image image This is yet ANOTHER babka cake which my ma’s friend baked for us. Jeez. My family just throws it in my face. And no, the piece of cake was cut for my little brother.

image And eating this breakfast every single morning (with a new, weird textured German Whey isolate which makes me think, “why the heck did I not re-order the US whey powder?!?!”

image50 grams raw oats, splash of milk, 15 grams whey protein, plain non-fat yogurt



Now lets recap….


Wow, I woke up SO sore from the INSANE Valentines Day workout. I mean, it was that crazy, and I cannot believe there were people who finished under 50 minutes!!! I was dying with extra 16 minutes, so I really CANNOT imagine what 50 minutes (or less!) felt like!

Jen had us do light cardio, and I saw a free treadmill when I got to the gym, and for some stupid, weird reason I thought “well, you did do a 250 reps workout yesterday and you are very sore, so why not just do hills?” Thank God some random dude came and asked if he could have the treadmill while I was 15 minutes into my run. Although I was being too nice getting off for him. Nobody ever did that for me. Well, I didn’t ask, but I doubt anybody would do that.

Anyways, the run felt surprisingly good. It felt good to stretch my legs. I ran an incline of 3% @ 10.5 km/hour and an incline of 6% @ 10 km/hour. I don’t like running on the treadmill. Period. But it’s good for hills. After that I did some more cardio (intervals on the bikes mostly) and called it a day


Well, I tweeted @sweatandthecity to ask what today’s plan is. You know, just to mentally prepare myself whether I am going to die or not. I got this response:





Well, I was believing it till I saw the workout breakdown. Argh there was that annoying surfer drill, again! I mean, come ON, I did 50 of them less than

I really want to put Jenn’s video here, but VIMEO won’t let me add it for some reason…But Bodyrock.tv has a similar one, but Sweat and the City’s version is A LOT more intense IMHO. Hmm…enjoy.



The instructions are here. But this is what I did:

*Repeat each series once!

Series #1

  • Squat with overhead shoulder press x 30 reps, 2 kg dumbbells

  • Plank Push Up x 20 reps

  • Tricep Kickback with Core x 20, 2 kg dumbbells

Series #2

  • Reverse Lunge with Kick R x 25 reps

  • Single Leg Deadlifts R, 3 kg dumbbells, x 20 reps

  • Reverse Lunge with Kick L x 25 reps

  • Single Leg Deadlifts L, 3 kg dumbbells, x 20 reps

  • Single Leg Bridges R x 25 reps

  • Single Leg Bridges L x 25 reps

  • Walking Plank to knee crunch x 15

Series #3

  • The Surfer x 15 reps

  • Side Push Ups R x 25 reps

  • Side Push Ups L x 25 reps

  • Dancing Crab x 50 reps


Dancing Crab is a drills I LOVE!!! I could probably do 100 of these and go like…hmm…could I do another 100, please?



Today was what I would define an easy day. The program called for some tabata, and I am ALWAYS up for that!! Here is what I did (sans towel cause the gym has a carpet), and here is the original plan:

  1. Three lateral skates with plyo jumps

  2. Squat with Abductor

  3. Plank Leg kicks/lifts

  4. Single leg squats a la bodyrock.tv alternating legs every round (my goodness, Zuzana, HOW CAN SHE GET SO LOW?!?!)

  5. Three lateral skates with plyo jumps


I completely forgot the last drill on the list and I figured either I waste time trying to remember or do something else.


Alright, I am off to tweet and read some blogs, and then I want to get into bed by TEN o’clock tonight. I get SO TIRED between 10:00-13:00 and its right before my workout and its not good!!

Later friends!


PS – expect a post with a playlist update. Oh my, I have the best playlist in the world, and sorry for sounding so cocky!!




250 Reps Workout

Hots and Fits!!!

My lower body is in an absolute SORE state and lets just say its hard to lift my arms. I owe this to the one and the only, JENN!

This is a result of yesterday’s Triple Threat Training (I was lagging behind…same old, same old) and today’s INSANE Valentine’s Day 250 Reps workout. Like, after the first 50 reps I seriously wondered if I misread the instructions. Or if Jenn was playing some joke on me!

Lets go back to Sunday…

I was feeling surprisingly good from Saturday’s long run. If you recall last week’s 12 KM left my entire body sore, in a good way of course, but very sore!! But Sunday I woke up and the strange calf pain was mostly gone…

The workout called for bands, but, I live in Eastern Europe. These sort of things are hard to get. So I had to improvise something with the dumbbells…

Here is the original workout if you want to look at it. I used 2 kg dumbbells in each hand. More would have had my arms falling.

My modifications:

Segment #1

  • Lower Body – 1 minute toe plie; 1 minute flutter kicks; 1 minute single leg dead lifts (alternating legs)

  • Upper Body – 1 minute standing rear delt fly; 1 minute push ups

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute seated oblique twist with dumbbell

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #2

  • Lower Body – 1 minute lunge with overhead press R; 1 minute lunge with overhead press L; 1 minute squat with leg abductor

  • Upper Body – 1 minute single arm lat pull with knee lift R; 1 minute single arm lat pull with knee lift L

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute Plank with glute kickback

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #3

  • Lower Body – 1 minute side lunges with overhead press; 1 minute plyo backward lunges with side lunges (double each); 1 minute jumping jacks

  • Upper Body – 2 minutes cheerleader

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute seated oblique twist with dumbbell

*Repeat Immediately!

The workout calls for an extra BONUS round in which you run through the whole routine once more time. But, being the lazy bum that I am occasionally, I went to the gym super duper late (after wasting a lot of time) and had to still pick up groceries so I really didn’t have time to do an extra round.


I have also been spending a lot of time reading the BodyRock.Tv website, because the workouts have a familiar interval basis and because Zuzana, who co-writes the website, is also Czech J So I gathered they have a strict diet which really limits the carbohydrate consumption. Okay, that’s not very fair to say, but they really emphasize the fact that you need to DESERVE your carbohydrates, especially in the AM, right before breakfast. I will of course get my full throttle AM workouts in once the weather warms up, but for no, I won’t. So Zuzana suggested a 4 minute interval to do right when you wake up. Lets be honest, everyone has four minutes. So I decided I will try it this AM and see how it goes.

You can read her post here, and I am posting her video so you can see it, too:

It did really wake me up, and by the 6th round or so I was really out of breath. I mean, 5 seconds rest period…

The real deal was this afternoon’s Valentines Day 250 Reps Workout from Sweat and the City!

Oh dear Lord! Just when I thought my long runs are tough, and that things cannot get worse…

Lets just say that by the 50TH rep I was dying. I really thought I am just going to do one extra round and call it a day. But its like some mental game…”okay, just another set…maybe another one…oh 100 to go…seeing as I already did 150…” This is the “I-look-so-simple” routine. Try it. I dare you:

* High Knees – 1 minute of high knees in between each of the exercises.

The Surfer for 10 reps

Ultimate Burpee for 10 reps

Low Jack for 20 reps

Ultimate Plank Walk Out for 10 reps


Around the third round I was collapsing on the mat while performing the ultimate plank walk out. Yes, I have to admit, my form must have been slacking from that point on. I will say that it took me precisely 66 minutes, including two desperate tweets (“Jenn, what is this?!?!”) and water breaks etc.

Alright friends, I am off to do some e-mailing and procrastinating, you should follow me on twitter so that we could be tweeps and that would give me an excuse to procrastinate some more!





Running can be SUCH an ass!

Hey Hots and Fits!!!

I am extremely excited to let ya’ll know I found out that the RunKeeper PRO is FREE, available for iPhone AND Android users!! How awesome is that?!?

This is extremely good news for me, because I am doing all my long runs speed training style (am I going to be the first person to ever run a race this way or what?) and this will be very handy. More on that in a minute…

The only problem I found with RunKeeper is that it will make your battery die out really quickly. If it lasts a half marathon distance I should be grateful. No talking about a full marathon – that’s just a no go (and yes, I tried turning off the WiFi and turning off the 3G blah blah blah….not working!)

I promised to share what we had for dinner Friday night…I don’t normally post food unless it’s really good. And yes, this was REALLY good!

image Pangas/Basa Fillet with zucchinis, tomatoes, onions and peppers


Kibbeh, store bought


Mama’s Blintzes


My Ma’s friend baked us this HUGE Babka cake. I swear, its massive!!


Compared to the NesTea Bottle….



After eating all the food I can, or not (I am actually starting to be very intuitive about this…I just automatically let go when I am feeling full), I went to check out some telenovelas (my obsession/weakness) then headed to bed. Woke up Saturday morning and really tried to postpone my 15 KM run. I don’t like doing that, but I also didn’t want to run. It was -2C and I really just wanted to stay in. All the same, I got dressed and headed outside.

I did think at one point that my fingers will fall off cause it was so cold. But this wasn’t the problem.

The real issue was an ANNOYING pain in my lower legs. It’s not shin splits and it’s not calf pain but it’s something at the side argh and I really couldn’t run. Did two laps, and then another lap, and took a walking break, and another walking break…you get the idea….But I did push myself to finish 15 KM even though it was HELL.

Here are the stats :



Comments and thoughts:

·         I am still running this interval/speed training style. Like, I go super easy for a few hundred meters, then sprint, and so on. Is it even possible to run a race like this?

·         This method makes me FASTER. I can tell you that if the weather was nicer and my legs weren’t in pain, I would have run this much faster because I literally feel good running like that!

·         My body proved to me again that I should never, ever, skip a run/workout a day before a long run. It’s a stupid, idiotic thing to do. I have to run the day before otherwise I am in pain

Here are my splits



Now, lets get down to business. My goal is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. I don’t care about real time versus chip time. What I mean is, from the second I cross the starting line, I want the whole thing to be over in 2 hours OR LESS. This would mean I need to run a speed of 11 km/hour (6.8 miles/hour) which translates into a pace of 5:27 min/km (8.46 min/mile)

This is a long shot but I really want to make it!! Last year I run an over 2 hour half marathon, and there is no way I am doing that again.

In other news, the combination of cold weather and painful legs made me strain my calf muscle. Or something like that. It’s above the Achilles thingamagic but lower than the actual calf muscle. Yes I don’t get it either. I did splash lots of cold water but it’s not helping much. Hurts when I walk. So I am going to rest a little now and then see if I should apply some more ice (hmm, no thank you) or take some pain killers. By the way, I have had sports injuries before, and no ice and no elevation and no pain killers help me.

Alright, I am now gonna check out the new RunKeeper PRO (so freaking excited about it!!) and then I am heading out. No heels of course.

Will be back tomorrow with my Triple Threat Training workout and a hummus recipe (that is, if I can prove to you guys it is actually healthy!!)


Stinky Wardrobe

Hi Hots and Fits!!

Check this out:


This is my wardrobe. I have my dear mama to thank for the neatness. Everything goes folded. But that’s not the reason I am posting a picture of it. This is the problem:


This past week my wardrobe has been smelling like I just take off my workout clothes and put them back in without washing them. I DON’T DO THAT, mind you. I always wash my clothes in the shortest amount of time because I just wash clothes ALL THE TIME. Like, I wear something for just a few hours and it immediately goes to the washing machine. So I don’t want to use temperature brcause I will be destroying my clothes in 2-3 weeks on average.

I have sprayed lots of this:


Paco Rabanne Black XS

Wardrobe smells better, but I gotta figure this out. Maybe my washing detergent is faking it…

By the way, have you see the guy who models this perfume? Moment of silence, please!

image Source

Alright, I am back to Hot and Fit business. I didn’t post all week (open-mouth-shock) so I gotta catch up with ya’ll! Yes, I am still hard at work with my Sweat and The City Fine Tube February program. Why am I so freaking motivated and why won’t I shut up about it? Because every single time someone sees me I am getting the “OMG you look AMAZING what are you doing?” question. And I don’t just look better, I feel better! I give Jen full credit (I am still planning on relocating to the US of A just so I could work out with her!) because whatever she got me doing, is working!! The diet plan (which I have talked about here) is amazing but I am obviously not following it well enough. But the small things I am doing, like smoothie a day keeps the doctor away, adding more EVOO, drinking plenty of water and No Carbs After Dark seem to be working extremely well.

Right, enough talk, enough chit-chat. Here is this week’s magic!

MONDAY – February 7th

Triple Threat Training

Segment #1

  • Lower Body – 1 minute 10 low jacks + 10 plank jacks; 1 minute reverse lunge R; 1 minute reverse lunge L

  • Upper Body – 2 minutes ultimate walking plank (I rock this move, guys. I should video it cause I am so proud of myself!!)

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute Bicycle crunches. Jen’s tip on opposite shoulder to opposite knee really works. And my abdominals are toughies.

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #2

  • Lower body – 1 minute sumo squat walks (really gets the heart rate up!); 2 minutes balance challenge consisting of squats and dead lifts. You gotta head over here for the deets!

  • Upper Body – 1 minute side push ups R; 1 minute side push ups L

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute shake hands in bridge

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #3

  • Lower body – 1 minute lateral skate jumps; 1 minute reverse lunge with kick R; 1 minute reverse lunge with kick L

  • Upper Body – 1 minute plank jacks; 1 minute dancing crab (another move I totally rock. Gosh I am so obsessed with self!)

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute power plank

*I should have repeated this one more time but I was rushing to complete my sibling duties and could not. Awesome workout, none the less

TUESDAY – February 8th

This was another insane day here at the casa; I had lots of meeting s at work and then I had to spend the afternoon at my siblings’ school for parent-teacher conference. No, I am not the actual parent, but I am responsible enough and old enough and act like one. Besides, I adore my siblings, it’s the least I could do for them.

So, quick warm up and then hit the treadmill instead of the Sweat and The City workout. I did a bunch of other cardio machines, too (bikes and step master), AND I ran 2 miles @ 11 km/hour. Amazing for me, people!!

WEDNESDAY – February 9th

Another awesome Triple Threat Training session…Oh I never thought working out could be so freaking awesome! Time FLIES!

*For this workout you need weights and bands. I used 3 kg dumbbells (6 kg in total) , and since I don’t have bands, I substituted weights again.

Segment #1

  • Lower Body – 2 minutes on the stepmaster, level 8/12; 1 minute alternating reverse lunges with core twist (this move kills you. Use one dumbbell!)

  • Upper Body – 1 minute V-Press; 1 minute Push ups on stability ball

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute seated oblique twist, 1 dumbbell in hand

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #2

  • Lower Body – 1 minute side lunges with touchdown press; 1 minute single leg bridge R; 1 minute single leg bridge L. Ouch, ouch ouch!

  • Upper Body – 2 minutes lateral bicep curl into V-Press

  • Fine Tune – 1 minutes seated boat pose with overhead press and leg extension

*Repeat immediately!

THURSDAY – February 10th

Another junk cardio day because I was short on time. Oh junk cardio days you will find me waiting for somebody to get off the effing, single treadmill we have at my gym, but since they won’t, I am just alternating cardio machines like a crazy person. The goal is usually to burn 300-400 calories as fast as I can and get out of the gym to do the other things I gotta do…

So, today, FRIDAY, ended up being workout-less, because I had a few appointments in the afternoon and I was actually concerned that if I insisted on heading to the gym after them my madre would think I have an exercise compulsive disorder. I don’t actually have one, I really do love working out, but this was just one of those moments…Instead I indulged in dinner, of which I shall detail later, and I am now going to bum around and watch The Romantics because I am cool like that.

Plan for tomorrow: 15 KM run @ 10.5 km/hour. Should be 11 km/hour but that’s a VERY, VERY long shot! How do you people run so fast?!?!?! Make my legs work, too!! I will post tomorrow about today’s dinner and about the run. If I run it. Weather forecast isn’t promising AND I am a lazy runner!

By the way, please head over here to check out the Bikini Boot Camp for Bloggers starting February 28th. I am sticking to Sweat and the City because it works like magic for me. Why mess with the right formula, right?


Have an awesome weekend, and don’t forget to tweet me!!

Abs Are on FIRE!!


Hi Hots and Fits!!


I gotta say I am a very, very happy girl today!







Star Jumps, anyone? 


I need to start by recapping workouts from Friday so here goes!










I got to el gimnasio an as I was getting ready I saw that my Polar F6 is really in its final days i.e. wrist unit’s battery is dying…dying…almost dead…





This is how it should look, but we are far from it!! It still managed to pull it through my workout sessions which included:



  • 8 minute warm up on the stepmaster, level 8 


  • 20 minute run on the treadmill varying between 9.5-10.5 km/hr, 1% incline 


  • 20 minutes on the bikes whilst reading The Economist







So if you’ve been following me on twitter you’d have known that I’ve been trying to get a long run in (above 10 KM) for a long time, but due to weather conditions and a mental block I have not been able to get it done. But with the pressure of a half marathon coming up soon (8 weeks, people!!) I knew I had to get my running on. ASAP.



Got dressed (it was a biutiful day outside) and headed to tackle 12 KM. Here are the stats:





How I run it: 


At first I just thought I’d “do what I can”. After all, the whole world says you run faster on the treadmill…So I was aiming for about 9.5 km/hour pace



After about 4 KM I remembered that a few years back when I was in a fitter state I used to do a 12 KM interval/speed run at least 2 times a week (oh, those were the days). So I thought, well, why not try a similar tactic…Basically, I run LAPS around my neighbourhood, and pick portions of about 50-150 meters where I run them as fast as I can; 2 portions in each lap. The results were gorgeous, but I won’t deny that it was hard!






This exceeded my expectations (I just don’t understand how people can run a 7 min/mile – just beyond me!!) but I don’t know how I will handle this for longer distances (12 KM is still not 22!!), and how on earth can I run a half marathon, interval style…this will be very weird, but then again, I don’t fit normality when it comes to exercise…







My abs are ON FIRE from yesterday’s speed bursts, and my legs and upper body are pretty sore, too, so technically I should have taken today OFF.


However, I am committed to my Sweat and the City routine, and decided I’d give T3 a shot! Here is what I did (no third segment cause I didn’t want to push myself too hard!):



Segment #1 


  • Lower Body – 1 minute lateral skate jumps; 1 minute reverse lunges with kick R; 1 minute reverse lunges with kick L
  • Upper Body – 1 minute side push ups R; 1 minute side push ups L
  • Fine Tune – 1 minute push ups


Segment #2 


  • Lower Body – 2 minutes lunge series; 1 minute single leg dead lift (R first round, L second round)
  • Upper Body – 1 minute plank jack; 1 minute dancing crab
  • Fine Tune – 1 minute plank raises



I also did some cardio before and after for an extra calorie burn…









imageSo, like I previously stated, my Polar’s battery is dead. I was contemplating getting a brand new Garmin 305 (reviews are better than the 405) but then I read that despite the fact that it has an HR strap, it will not calculate the calories burned in an indoor workout (???). I don’t get it, and I do too many indoor workouts, so I need that possibility. So, I think I am just going to find a Polar service somewhere in this country (mission impossible, almost) and maybe in addition get a Garmin 305, cause RunKeeper can only keep working for distances shorter than 20KM, after that it’s pretty much DEAD.



Alright, ya’ll, I am out!







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