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600 Reps Workout

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image Can we just have a moment to appreciate these arms?


Or better, could I just have her arms? My gosh, Cameron, you are a goddess.


And look at these two. I will confess that if I find a man like Josh, both in looks and in I-exercise-with-my-wife, I might actually take the marriage option seriously.

How are you guys doing?

I was supposed to run 20 KM today but I didn’t because it was too cold. I am not too nervous because I still have a month till the half marathon and I think I will get in 2 of these long runs, one next weekend and one in the middle of March. I already did 12 and 15 and pace is looking okay (thought would like it to be better) so I am not overly nervous.

So what DID I do?

Well, I was still so sore on Friday morning (this week’s Sweat and the City workouts were just getting tougher and tougher every day!) so I decided to head to the gym but do very light cardio. So I just hopped on the treadmill and did some awesome hills (alternating 3% and 6% incline), HIIT on the bikes (1 minute level 4, 30 seconds level 7) for about 15 minutes and then cooled down.

I came home to find this:


Seriously. HOW can I ever achieve my dream of 6 pack abs? The familia is trying to sabotage all my attempts, all the time!

With the weather being nasty and all, I didn’t really want to get out of the house. But there was a huge grocery list which was piling up in items ALL WEEK LONG and someone had to be in charge. So I went and spent a lot of money and the supermarket, came home and thought “well, might as well head to the gym.” But then I had a vision of myself performing one of Zuzka’s workouts, called the 600 Reps Workout, and I decided to stay at home.


image Gear ready


Oh this was a lovely workout. The kind that makes your heart rate sky high and make you feel like you are using every single muscle in your body. Here is the video from BodyRock.Tv:

I finished in just under 25 minutes but my form was not as hard core as Zuzka’s especially not with the abs and leg extensions and with the push ups (did them on one knee).

I was dripping drip drip drip at the end.

Okay, I am not going to get ready because we are going out to the Hilton’s bar tonight.

In the meantime I wanna share two links I found this afternoon:

Cook To Bang – I know Valentines Day is over but I still think this could come in handy

Scanwiches – wow. People’s ideas do not cease to surprise me




Victoria Beckham and Avatar Review

Greetings Hots and Fits!!

Yesterday I took my little brother to see Avatar. He has been longing to see the movie and I was politely trying to get away from my sibling duty with excuses, but I was not able to keep it up much longer.



I was seriously dreading the two-and-a-half hours I was going to have to sit and watch it. We were late getting there (left the casa too late) and to make matters even worse I got seats so close to the screen. I hate sitting close to the screen. I feel like my eyes can’t absorb the whole picture.

Okay well the movie was, in my opinion, the extreme absurdity of science fiction. Gosh. It lasted three hours with the break. Nasty looking creatures, and then those aliens with their tails and well those of you who saw it get my point. What I will say is that for the three hours in which it run – it actually kept my attention. Perhaps because I knew I couldn’t just leave the brother alone in the cinema. Point is, I got better things to do.

I didn’t exercise Saturday cause I vacuumed the entire casa for almost two hours and that definitely counts as a workout in my books.

This morning I spent a whole lot of time watching telenovelas and catching up on Gossip Girl. I just gotta watch episode 12 now, but then I am behind on Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. Oh gosh, the concerns I have!



I cannot believe Rob Lowe is leaving!!! I cannot imagine the show without him. I really truly like him. I think they should have a spinoff for him and Kitty or something. I won’t be able to stand the show longer without him.

In terms of exercise, I did INSANITY’s Pure Cardio workout today with my little brother (I think he was just trying to get away from doing his maths homework, but he stuck to it as much as he could). My back pain is still the same, despite BenGay and Ibalgin. I know that if I had the chance to run it would go away (no squatting involved) but you can’t always get what you want.

After lunch and more procrastination I did The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up Challenge. This time I wore my Polar and wow – this is a serious kick ass workout! I burned 300 calories from just doing a five minute workout and doing the circuit three times. If I ever get stuck in a rut I could just do an INSANITY-like warm up for 10 minutes and then the circuit 4 times. I will be feeling it and dripping it.

In other news, ya’ll know I am a Victoria Beckham fan. There is no rational explanation behind this sentiment. I just happen to like her. Maybe its those Spice Girls memories. Anyways, compare and contrast.








Yes, very different. I still like her though. No rationality.

Have a fabulous week!

Heathcliff, my love

Jolly Thursday Hots and Fits!


I started the day extremely well! Despite a rather restless sleep I got up at 5:20 and decided to run outside.

For me, if I know in my head that it is cold but still wanna make it out and not let the winter scare me off, I open the window, stick my hand out, and prove to myself its not that cold (considering the fact that I sleep with a tanktop). I think it works because I am very warm when I wake up (now, wearing a long sleeve shirt and typing this, I am freezing!).

It wasn’t that bad but I only did 2 KM because my foot hurt. My other foot, that is. Weird. Something isn’t making sense. I will try again tomorrow.

Came back home and had a date with this guy (while being imitated by a bunch of other people):




I did the last 20 minutes of Pure Cardio, only skipping the 8 push ups + running session because I was going to end up late to work.


After all the “get ready hassle” (which lasts 20 minutes) I sat down to a bowl of this.

IMG 5071



I also had a cup of coffee in my favourite cup:

IMG 5073


Wuthering Heights is my favourite book. I heard Heathcliff.


I other interesting news, I came upon an article claiming that according to research, the pressure our knees and ankle joints absorb when running with sneakers is greater than if we were to run barefoot!



The research, conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Colorado in Virginia (huh??) studied the pressure on the hip, knee and ankle by gathering 68 volunteers, 37 of whom were women, all healthy, broad age range, and with no significant history of muscle injuries.

They ran at least 24 miles a week, either outside or on the treadmill. They also made them walk in high heels around a shopping mall for a while.

Surprisingly, they found that running shoes provided the highest pressure levels on the joints!

Threre are individuals that are criticizing this research, claiming that the sample group was too small. All I have to say is that I wish I could run barefoot.

I actually did once (shhhhh ….its a secret). I was on holiday in some remote village with my family and I felt like going for a run, but did not have my shoes. It was right after I graduated from high school and done with the track, thinking I would never wanna lace up those shoes! Anyhow, I did it. It felt great. But it is dangerous. Just thinking about all the crap that could be on the road made me constantly look down.



Ight Hots and Fits, my little sis just came back from vacay today so I’m going to hang out with her. I will see you all tomorrow!!


Its Friday in 3 hours! Well, at least for me 😛


Get Hot and Fit: Pushup Jacks

Greetings lovelies!!


I am thinking right now about the whole concept of global warming. I wonder if it is the cause for the freezing weather we have had here this past week (looks like its going to say the same for the next few days, too!!!)


I am freezing. This morning I went out to get into my car, however the door was frozen shut. So I struggled with it a bit, got inside, realised the windshield wipers were frozen, too, and that I didn’t even have anything to scrape off the windshield with (I left it inside in the garage). After about 7 minutes or so, I was finally able to drive off!

Anybody who knows me will tell you – I was born, created, to exist in environments which average 25 C annually.

Running is still not happening, which makes me wonder whether my half marathon or marathon will happen. I really am not chickening just cause of the cold. Its all ice here. I would fall, I am pretty certain.


Seriously, I can never get enough of these workouts. SO challenging. My new BFF Katie is already doing the MAX workouts, which you are supposed to do after a month or so into the program. I just peeked last night, and OMG they are almost 1 hour long!!! I cannot imagine that ! I am dying from just 40 minutes!

Get Hot and Fit: Pushup Jacks

Even if you don’t have/do INSANITY, I really recommend doing a move that was on Pure Cardio today called Pushup Jacks!

How to:

  • Start in Plank position, shoulders in a straight line with your wrist, palms spread wide on the floor
  • Tighten your core, keep your back straight
  • Bend at your elbows and bring your chest towards the floor, while at the same time jump your feet wide
  • Jump your feet back to starting point, while straightening your arms again

Reps: really depends on how strong you are. I am not strong, so I could maybe do 10 and then my form starts to slack.

On another note, I do not understand why anyone would go jogging with this outfit:



Her boyfriend, on the other hand, didn’t look too bad:






Another ChaLEAN

Hello my darlings!!!


I actually had an open window available also know as TIME and decided to do another one of ChaLEAN Extreme’s videos.

I simply proceeded to the second part of PHASE 1: BURN .

Again, I like how short it is, but find it so weird to only do 12 reps (I am actually a big fan of The Tracy Anderson Method, so that’s why)

ChaLEAN’s exercises do focus on many muscle groups, but then I already told you that.

So not to bore you anymore, I actually went ahead and googled Chalene Johnson, because I would like to know who is making me do a particular exercise and why.

The woman is 40, and she looks amazing. Heck, she also had two kids. But the interesting is that this woman actually created the popular exercise series known as TURBO JAM. I heard so many things about this program, but never actually tried it. Because it was that successful, she actually did two more workout systems similar to it, called Turbo Kick and PiYo.

Does anybody know any more about these programs? I would love to know what you think!


And in other news…Lindsay LaLohan was photographed this past weekend in St. Barts (I am SO jealous). She is looking really good I think!




But I am not sure why would you go walking around like this. Put some shorts on!



1, 2, 3

Kate Winslet Has The Most Desirable Body

We all need our celebrity dose!

The Daily Mail (a UK-based magazine) conducted a survey and found out that found that a fuller, curvy figure is the real thing.



Winslet topped the poll of 2,000 woman aged 18 or over, with 16% of the votes.

The rest of the results were:

1. Kate Winslet, 16% of the vote
2. Kelly Brook, 15%
3. Halle Berry, 12%
4. Cheryl Cole, 10%
5. Beyonce, 6%
6. Megan Fox, 5%
7. Lily Allen, 4%
8. Kelley Hazell, 2%
9. Kate Moss, Katie Price, Victoria Beckham, 1% each

I think this is quite a positive shift – seems like most women do not prefer the skeleton body type like Beckham (I have to be careful how I word this – I adore Victoria, but I do admit she is rather skinny)

If I were to pick I’d have Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Garner‘s body


2, 3