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Random + Quick

  • I was born in 1988
  • I am half Egyptian, half Polish, but I was born Israel and consider it home
  • I live in the Czech Republic
  • I am a Third Culture Kid
  • I speak 3 languages. Fluently.
  • I have a younger sister and a younger brother and the most amazing parents in the world
  • I work as an English teacher
  • I have a  Bachelors degree in International Business Management
  • I hate rice and hotdogs

I like…

telenovelas, Real Madrid and football in general, 19th century novels, shakespeare, music, the beach, traveling, zucchinis and eggplants steamed in the microwave and topped with yogurt, hummus, walking around, polyvore, computers and all-things-geek, books, sunbathing, airports, The Economist, Harry Potter, real estate, running (duh), summer and the blistering heat, poetry, prison break, twilight saga, the dictionary, the thesaurus, the united states, roller skating, cinnamon

In More Deets…


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