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Make me more flexible, pretty please….?

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Hi Hots and Fits!

I am so behind on the blog turf – my apologizes!! Let’s recap before I start excusing myself too much

I have been drinking lots of this:

image image This is yet ANOTHER babka cake which my ma’s friend baked for us. Jeez. My family just throws it in my face. And no, the piece of cake was cut for my little brother.

image And eating this breakfast every single morning (with a new, weird textured German Whey isolate which makes me think, “why the heck did I not re-order the US whey powder?!?!”

image50 grams raw oats, splash of milk, 15 grams whey protein, plain non-fat yogurt



Now lets recap….


Wow, I woke up SO sore from the INSANE Valentines Day workout. I mean, it was that crazy, and I cannot believe there were people who finished under 50 minutes!!! I was dying with extra 16 minutes, so I really CANNOT imagine what 50 minutes (or less!) felt like!

Jen had us do light cardio, and I saw a free treadmill when I got to the gym, and for some stupid, weird reason I thought “well, you did do a 250 reps workout yesterday and you are very sore, so why not just do hills?” Thank God some random dude came and asked if he could have the treadmill while I was 15 minutes into my run. Although I was being too nice getting off for him. Nobody ever did that for me. Well, I didn’t ask, but I doubt anybody would do that.

Anyways, the run felt surprisingly good. It felt good to stretch my legs. I ran an incline of 3% @ 10.5 km/hour and an incline of 6% @ 10 km/hour. I don’t like running on the treadmill. Period. But it’s good for hills. After that I did some more cardio (intervals on the bikes mostly) and called it a day


Well, I tweeted @sweatandthecity to ask what today’s plan is. You know, just to mentally prepare myself whether I am going to die or not. I got this response:





Well, I was believing it till I saw the workout breakdown. Argh there was that annoying surfer drill, again! I mean, come ON, I did 50 of them less than

I really want to put Jenn’s video here, but VIMEO won’t let me add it for some reason…But Bodyrock.tv has a similar one, but Sweat and the City’s version is A LOT more intense IMHO. Hmm…enjoy.



The instructions are here. But this is what I did:

*Repeat each series once!

Series #1

  • Squat with overhead shoulder press x 30 reps, 2 kg dumbbells

  • Plank Push Up x 20 reps

  • Tricep Kickback with Core x 20, 2 kg dumbbells

Series #2

  • Reverse Lunge with Kick R x 25 reps

  • Single Leg Deadlifts R, 3 kg dumbbells, x 20 reps

  • Reverse Lunge with Kick L x 25 reps

  • Single Leg Deadlifts L, 3 kg dumbbells, x 20 reps

  • Single Leg Bridges R x 25 reps

  • Single Leg Bridges L x 25 reps

  • Walking Plank to knee crunch x 15

Series #3

  • The Surfer x 15 reps

  • Side Push Ups R x 25 reps

  • Side Push Ups L x 25 reps

  • Dancing Crab x 50 reps


Dancing Crab is a drills I LOVE!!! I could probably do 100 of these and go like…hmm…could I do another 100, please?



Today was what I would define an easy day. The program called for some tabata, and I am ALWAYS up for that!! Here is what I did (sans towel cause the gym has a carpet), and here is the original plan:

  1. Three lateral skates with plyo jumps

  2. Squat with Abductor

  3. Plank Leg kicks/lifts

  4. Single leg squats a la bodyrock.tv alternating legs every round (my goodness, Zuzana, HOW CAN SHE GET SO LOW?!?!)

  5. Three lateral skates with plyo jumps


I completely forgot the last drill on the list and I figured either I waste time trying to remember or do something else.


Alright, I am off to tweet and read some blogs, and then I want to get into bed by TEN o’clock tonight. I get SO TIRED between 10:00-13:00 and its right before my workout and its not good!!

Later friends!


PS – expect a post with a playlist update. Oh my, I have the best playlist in the world, and sorry for sounding so cocky!!





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