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250 Reps Workout

Hots and Fits!!!

My lower body is in an absolute SORE state and lets just say its hard to lift my arms. I owe this to the one and the only, JENN!

This is a result of yesterday’s Triple Threat Training (I was lagging behind…same old, same old) and today’s INSANE Valentine’s Day 250 Reps workout. Like, after the first 50 reps I seriously wondered if I misread the instructions. Or if Jenn was playing some joke on me!

Lets go back to Sunday…

I was feeling surprisingly good from Saturday’s long run. If you recall last week’s 12 KM left my entire body sore, in a good way of course, but very sore!! But Sunday I woke up and the strange calf pain was mostly gone…

The workout called for bands, but, I live in Eastern Europe. These sort of things are hard to get. So I had to improvise something with the dumbbells…

Here is the original workout if you want to look at it. I used 2 kg dumbbells in each hand. More would have had my arms falling.

My modifications:

Segment #1

  • Lower Body – 1 minute toe plie; 1 minute flutter kicks; 1 minute single leg dead lifts (alternating legs)

  • Upper Body – 1 minute standing rear delt fly; 1 minute push ups

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute seated oblique twist with dumbbell

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #2

  • Lower Body – 1 minute lunge with overhead press R; 1 minute lunge with overhead press L; 1 minute squat with leg abductor

  • Upper Body – 1 minute single arm lat pull with knee lift R; 1 minute single arm lat pull with knee lift L

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute Plank with glute kickback

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #3

  • Lower Body – 1 minute side lunges with overhead press; 1 minute plyo backward lunges with side lunges (double each); 1 minute jumping jacks

  • Upper Body – 2 minutes cheerleader

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute seated oblique twist with dumbbell

*Repeat Immediately!

The workout calls for an extra BONUS round in which you run through the whole routine once more time. But, being the lazy bum that I am occasionally, I went to the gym super duper late (after wasting a lot of time) and had to still pick up groceries so I really didn’t have time to do an extra round.


I have also been spending a lot of time reading the BodyRock.Tv website, because the workouts have a familiar interval basis and because Zuzana, who co-writes the website, is also Czech J So I gathered they have a strict diet which really limits the carbohydrate consumption. Okay, that’s not very fair to say, but they really emphasize the fact that you need to DESERVE your carbohydrates, especially in the AM, right before breakfast. I will of course get my full throttle AM workouts in once the weather warms up, but for no, I won’t. So Zuzana suggested a 4 minute interval to do right when you wake up. Lets be honest, everyone has four minutes. So I decided I will try it this AM and see how it goes.

You can read her post here, and I am posting her video so you can see it, too:

It did really wake me up, and by the 6th round or so I was really out of breath. I mean, 5 seconds rest period…

The real deal was this afternoon’s Valentines Day 250 Reps Workout from Sweat and the City!

Oh dear Lord! Just when I thought my long runs are tough, and that things cannot get worse…

Lets just say that by the 50TH rep I was dying. I really thought I am just going to do one extra round and call it a day. But its like some mental game…”okay, just another set…maybe another one…oh 100 to go…seeing as I already did 150…” This is the “I-look-so-simple” routine. Try it. I dare you:

* High Knees – 1 minute of high knees in between each of the exercises.

The Surfer for 10 reps

Ultimate Burpee for 10 reps

Low Jack for 20 reps

Ultimate Plank Walk Out for 10 reps


Around the third round I was collapsing on the mat while performing the ultimate plank walk out. Yes, I have to admit, my form must have been slacking from that point on. I will say that it took me precisely 66 minutes, including two desperate tweets (“Jenn, what is this?!?!”) and water breaks etc.

Alright friends, I am off to do some e-mailing and procrastinating, you should follow me on twitter so that we could be tweeps and that would give me an excuse to procrastinate some more!






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