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Running can be SUCH an ass!

Hey Hots and Fits!!!

I am extremely excited to let ya’ll know I found out that the RunKeeper PRO is FREE, available for iPhone AND Android users!! How awesome is that?!?

This is extremely good news for me, because I am doing all my long runs speed training style (am I going to be the first person to ever run a race this way or what?) and this will be very handy. More on that in a minute…

The only problem I found with RunKeeper is that it will make your battery die out really quickly. If it lasts a half marathon distance I should be grateful. No talking about a full marathon – that’s just a no go (and yes, I tried turning off the WiFi and turning off the 3G blah blah blah….not working!)

I promised to share what we had for dinner Friday night…I don’t normally post food unless it’s really good. And yes, this was REALLY good!

image Pangas/Basa Fillet with zucchinis, tomatoes, onions and peppers


Kibbeh, store bought


Mama’s Blintzes


My Ma’s friend baked us this HUGE Babka cake. I swear, its massive!!


Compared to the NesTea Bottle….



After eating all the food I can, or not (I am actually starting to be very intuitive about this…I just automatically let go when I am feeling full), I went to check out some telenovelas (my obsession/weakness) then headed to bed. Woke up Saturday morning and really tried to postpone my 15 KM run. I don’t like doing that, but I also didn’t want to run. It was -2C and I really just wanted to stay in. All the same, I got dressed and headed outside.

I did think at one point that my fingers will fall off cause it was so cold. But this wasn’t the problem.

The real issue was an ANNOYING pain in my lower legs. It’s not shin splits and it’s not calf pain but it’s something at the side argh and I really couldn’t run. Did two laps, and then another lap, and took a walking break, and another walking break…you get the idea….But I did push myself to finish 15 KM even though it was HELL.

Here are the stats :



Comments and thoughts:

·         I am still running this interval/speed training style. Like, I go super easy for a few hundred meters, then sprint, and so on. Is it even possible to run a race like this?

·         This method makes me FASTER. I can tell you that if the weather was nicer and my legs weren’t in pain, I would have run this much faster because I literally feel good running like that!

·         My body proved to me again that I should never, ever, skip a run/workout a day before a long run. It’s a stupid, idiotic thing to do. I have to run the day before otherwise I am in pain

Here are my splits



Now, lets get down to business. My goal is to run a sub 2 hour half marathon. I don’t care about real time versus chip time. What I mean is, from the second I cross the starting line, I want the whole thing to be over in 2 hours OR LESS. This would mean I need to run a speed of 11 km/hour (6.8 miles/hour) which translates into a pace of 5:27 min/km (8.46 min/mile)

This is a long shot but I really want to make it!! Last year I run an over 2 hour half marathon, and there is no way I am doing that again.

In other news, the combination of cold weather and painful legs made me strain my calf muscle. Or something like that. It’s above the Achilles thingamagic but lower than the actual calf muscle. Yes I don’t get it either. I did splash lots of cold water but it’s not helping much. Hurts when I walk. So I am going to rest a little now and then see if I should apply some more ice (hmm, no thank you) or take some pain killers. By the way, I have had sports injuries before, and no ice and no elevation and no pain killers help me.

Alright, I am now gonna check out the new RunKeeper PRO (so freaking excited about it!!) and then I am heading out. No heels of course.

Will be back tomorrow with my Triple Threat Training workout and a hummus recipe (that is, if I can prove to you guys it is actually healthy!!)



One response

  1. hey!!
    i just got an iphone, i totally need to check this app out! 🙂
    the pain on the side of your leg may be from either twisting your ankle outwards or inwards (pronation) doing this will stress the outer legs muscles=pain!
    I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

    February 14, 2011 at 2:54 am

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