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Stinky Wardrobe

Hi Hots and Fits!!

Check this out:


This is my wardrobe. I have my dear mama to thank for the neatness. Everything goes folded. But that’s not the reason I am posting a picture of it. This is the problem:


This past week my wardrobe has been smelling like I just take off my workout clothes and put them back in without washing them. I DON’T DO THAT, mind you. I always wash my clothes in the shortest amount of time because I just wash clothes ALL THE TIME. Like, I wear something for just a few hours and it immediately goes to the washing machine. So I don’t want to use temperature brcause I will be destroying my clothes in 2-3 weeks on average.

I have sprayed lots of this:


Paco Rabanne Black XS

Wardrobe smells better, but I gotta figure this out. Maybe my washing detergent is faking it…

By the way, have you see the guy who models this perfume? Moment of silence, please!

image Source

Alright, I am back to Hot and Fit business. I didn’t post all week (open-mouth-shock) so I gotta catch up with ya’ll! Yes, I am still hard at work with my Sweat and The City Fine Tube February program. Why am I so freaking motivated and why won’t I shut up about it? Because every single time someone sees me I am getting the “OMG you look AMAZING what are you doing?” question. And I don’t just look better, I feel better! I give Jen full credit (I am still planning on relocating to the US of A just so I could work out with her!) because whatever she got me doing, is working!! The diet plan (which I have talked about here) is amazing but I am obviously not following it well enough. But the small things I am doing, like smoothie a day keeps the doctor away, adding more EVOO, drinking plenty of water and No Carbs After Dark seem to be working extremely well.

Right, enough talk, enough chit-chat. Here is this week’s magic!

MONDAY – February 7th

Triple Threat Training

Segment #1

  • Lower Body – 1 minute 10 low jacks + 10 plank jacks; 1 minute reverse lunge R; 1 minute reverse lunge L

  • Upper Body – 2 minutes ultimate walking plank (I rock this move, guys. I should video it cause I am so proud of myself!!)

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute Bicycle crunches. Jen’s tip on opposite shoulder to opposite knee really works. And my abdominals are toughies.

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #2

  • Lower body – 1 minute sumo squat walks (really gets the heart rate up!); 2 minutes balance challenge consisting of squats and dead lifts. You gotta head over here for the deets!

  • Upper Body – 1 minute side push ups R; 1 minute side push ups L

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute shake hands in bridge

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #3

  • Lower body – 1 minute lateral skate jumps; 1 minute reverse lunge with kick R; 1 minute reverse lunge with kick L

  • Upper Body – 1 minute plank jacks; 1 minute dancing crab (another move I totally rock. Gosh I am so obsessed with self!)

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute power plank

*I should have repeated this one more time but I was rushing to complete my sibling duties and could not. Awesome workout, none the less

TUESDAY – February 8th

This was another insane day here at the casa; I had lots of meeting s at work and then I had to spend the afternoon at my siblings’ school for parent-teacher conference. No, I am not the actual parent, but I am responsible enough and old enough and act like one. Besides, I adore my siblings, it’s the least I could do for them.

So, quick warm up and then hit the treadmill instead of the Sweat and The City workout. I did a bunch of other cardio machines, too (bikes and step master), AND I ran 2 miles @ 11 km/hour. Amazing for me, people!!

WEDNESDAY – February 9th

Another awesome Triple Threat Training session…Oh I never thought working out could be so freaking awesome! Time FLIES!

*For this workout you need weights and bands. I used 3 kg dumbbells (6 kg in total) , and since I don’t have bands, I substituted weights again.

Segment #1

  • Lower Body – 2 minutes on the stepmaster, level 8/12; 1 minute alternating reverse lunges with core twist (this move kills you. Use one dumbbell!)

  • Upper Body – 1 minute V-Press; 1 minute Push ups on stability ball

  • Fine Tune – 1 minute seated oblique twist, 1 dumbbell in hand

*Repeat immediately!

Segment #2

  • Lower Body – 1 minute side lunges with touchdown press; 1 minute single leg bridge R; 1 minute single leg bridge L. Ouch, ouch ouch!

  • Upper Body – 2 minutes lateral bicep curl into V-Press

  • Fine Tune – 1 minutes seated boat pose with overhead press and leg extension

*Repeat immediately!

THURSDAY – February 10th

Another junk cardio day because I was short on time. Oh junk cardio days you will find me waiting for somebody to get off the effing, single treadmill we have at my gym, but since they won’t, I am just alternating cardio machines like a crazy person. The goal is usually to burn 300-400 calories as fast as I can and get out of the gym to do the other things I gotta do…

So, today, FRIDAY, ended up being workout-less, because I had a few appointments in the afternoon and I was actually concerned that if I insisted on heading to the gym after them my madre would think I have an exercise compulsive disorder. I don’t actually have one, I really do love working out, but this was just one of those moments…Instead I indulged in dinner, of which I shall detail later, and I am now going to bum around and watch The Romantics because I am cool like that.

Plan for tomorrow: 15 KM run @ 10.5 km/hour. Should be 11 km/hour but that’s a VERY, VERY long shot! How do you people run so fast?!?!?! Make my legs work, too!! I will post tomorrow about today’s dinner and about the run. If I run it. Weather forecast isn’t promising AND I am a lazy runner!

By the way, please head over here to check out the Bikini Boot Camp for Bloggers starting February 28th. I am sticking to Sweat and the City because it works like magic for me. Why mess with the right formula, right?


Have an awesome weekend, and don’t forget to tweet me!!


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