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Abs Are on FIRE!!


Hi Hots and Fits!!


I gotta say I am a very, very happy girl today!







Star Jumps, anyone? 


I need to start by recapping workouts from Friday so here goes!










I got to el gimnasio an as I was getting ready I saw that my Polar F6 is really in its final days i.e. wrist unit’s battery is dying…dying…almost dead…





This is how it should look, but we are far from it!! It still managed to pull it through my workout sessions which included:



  • 8 minute warm up on the stepmaster, level 8 


  • 20 minute run on the treadmill varying between 9.5-10.5 km/hr, 1% incline 


  • 20 minutes on the bikes whilst reading The Economist







So if you’ve been following me on twitter you’d have known that I’ve been trying to get a long run in (above 10 KM) for a long time, but due to weather conditions and a mental block I have not been able to get it done. But with the pressure of a half marathon coming up soon (8 weeks, people!!) I knew I had to get my running on. ASAP.



Got dressed (it was a biutiful day outside) and headed to tackle 12 KM. Here are the stats:





How I run it: 


At first I just thought I’d “do what I can”. After all, the whole world says you run faster on the treadmill…So I was aiming for about 9.5 km/hour pace



After about 4 KM I remembered that a few years back when I was in a fitter state I used to do a 12 KM interval/speed run at least 2 times a week (oh, those were the days). So I thought, well, why not try a similar tactic…Basically, I run LAPS around my neighbourhood, and pick portions of about 50-150 meters where I run them as fast as I can; 2 portions in each lap. The results were gorgeous, but I won’t deny that it was hard!






This exceeded my expectations (I just don’t understand how people can run a 7 min/mile – just beyond me!!) but I don’t know how I will handle this for longer distances (12 KM is still not 22!!), and how on earth can I run a half marathon, interval style…this will be very weird, but then again, I don’t fit normality when it comes to exercise…







My abs are ON FIRE from yesterday’s speed bursts, and my legs and upper body are pretty sore, too, so technically I should have taken today OFF.


However, I am committed to my Sweat and the City routine, and decided I’d give T3 a shot! Here is what I did (no third segment cause I didn’t want to push myself too hard!):



Segment #1 


  • Lower Body – 1 minute lateral skate jumps; 1 minute reverse lunges with kick R; 1 minute reverse lunges with kick L
  • Upper Body – 1 minute side push ups R; 1 minute side push ups L
  • Fine Tune – 1 minute push ups


Segment #2 


  • Lower Body – 2 minutes lunge series; 1 minute single leg dead lift (R first round, L second round)
  • Upper Body – 1 minute plank jack; 1 minute dancing crab
  • Fine Tune – 1 minute plank raises



I also did some cardio before and after for an extra calorie burn…









imageSo, like I previously stated, my Polar’s battery is dead. I was contemplating getting a brand new Garmin 305 (reviews are better than the 405) but then I read that despite the fact that it has an HR strap, it will not calculate the calories burned in an indoor workout (???). I don’t get it, and I do too many indoor workouts, so I need that possibility. So, I think I am just going to find a Polar service somewhere in this country (mission impossible, almost) and maybe in addition get a Garmin 305, cause RunKeeper can only keep working for distances shorter than 20KM, after that it’s pretty much DEAD.



Alright, ya’ll, I am out!







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