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The Weekend, Michael Gray Style

Yo Hots and Fits!

How’s it going? I have to say “I can’t wait for the weekend to begin

Yep, yep, good stuff, people

We have plans to head to my favourite vegetarian restaurant Saturday night – awesome people + awesome food = awesome time!

I didn’t post yesterday but I am still going strong with the workouts a la Sweat and the City! Here is a quick breakdown of the past two days (if you logged onto the website you may have noticed, or not, that my workouts are lagging behind. That’s cause of the time differences. I live at the other side of the planet. Kind of.)

Wednesday – TABATA

I absolutely love tabata, and its all thanks to Jen

since she introduced me to it! Anyhoo, here is what I did:

Round #1: Jump Rope

Round #2: Triple Jack

Round #3: Jump Rope

Round #4: 3 Lateral skates with plyo jump

Round #5: Jump Rope/High Knees (alternating)


Thursday – Triple Threat Training aka T3

This workout design just does not disappoint. Wow. Here is today’s, and you can find an instructions video online here (triple threat training, February 2nd)


Segment #1

Lower body – 1 minute 10 low jacks + 10 plank jacks; 1 minute reverse plyo lunge R; 1 minute reverse plyo lunge L

Upper body – 2 minutes ultimate walking plank

Fine Tune – 1 minute bicycle crunches


Segment #2

Lower body – 1 minute walking sumos; 2 minutes balance challenge

Upper body – 1 minute side push ups R; 1 minute side push ups L

Fine Tune – 1 minute Shake hands bridge



Segment #3

Lower body – The Surfer for THREE minutes. I should get an award or something

Upper body – 1 minute Lunge with T Raises R; 1 minute Lunge with T Raises L

Fine Tune – pike on ball




I am off to contemplate whether a) I should invest in a new Polar or Garmin because my Polar’s battery is dying and b) If I decide on a Garmin, which one should I get?





*all pictures, when clicked on, lead to source 😀

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