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Puff The Magic Dragon

Hi Hots and Fits!

Don’t even ask what’s with the blog title…extremely random but this song is stuck in my head. Probably a result of the fact that I work as a teacher 😀

Actually, my mind is pretty occupied with this piece of truth:

image click on image for the source


Oh yes, Edward Cullen and I go way back. Way before Rpatz made him famous and all….

Anyhoo, I gotta keep this short and sweet cause I need to get my ZZZs soon.

By the way – have you checked my Sweat and the City Resolution Challenge reviews? Part 1 (Workouts) is here, Part 2 (Diet) is here.

This month the Sweat and the City website is running a fine tune february page which features daily FREE workouts. Since I am living my life at the other side of the planet I could not get today’s workout before my actual workout sessions (get it? I am about 12 hours ahead. Or 9. Something like that…) so instead I just rolled with the good old T3 training. Here is my routine from today:

Routine #1

3 minutes burpees and cone jumps

2 minutes split into 1 minute plank jacks, 1 minute plank push ups

1 minute woodchopper

Repeat circuit once more


Routine #2

3 minutes reverse lunge and knee lift x 10, low runners lunge knee “lifts” x 10 (repeat till your leg is about to fall off from the pain)

2 minutes split into 1 minute 1.5 push ups into side plank, 1 minute rocking bridge

1 minute toe sumo

Repeat circuit once more


Routine #3

3 minutes side kick and squat kicks

2 minutes walking lunges

1 minute jumping jacks with shoulder press (using 2 kg dumbbells)


Alright friends, I am off to get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow I shall complete today’s tabata workout! Check it out here!


Later, skaters! And don’t forget to tweet me!!


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