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Resolution Challenge – Diet

Hi Hots and Fits!

How are you all doing? I know I had promised a Sweat and The City Resolution Challenge diet review a week ago, but things were hectic around here. I also fell down the stairs, at work, first thing in the morning and my back has been in OUCH mode all week.

image This translates into “besides cycling and stepping, I am doing nothin’, people

Well, let me get on with the post and tell you how the diet has been going with the resolution challenge taking place and all. I will provide as many details as I can, but before that I need to tell you a few things about me as an eater 😀

  • Food for me is FUEL – I think of myself as a car. I don’t eat to enjoy eating.

  • My family is the COMPLETE opposite of me and WILL DO ANYTHING to change me. And I live with them.

  • My family constantly nags me for my “weird eats” and just wants me to “eat the freaking chocolate cheese cake, because you only live once!!” And to take another slice. And another. And maybe some Geisha too?

  • I don’t like the kitchen too much, and I am also very lazy and constantly rushing. I consume food that can be prepared in less than 5 minutes using less than 5 ingredients and less than 5 kitchen utensils. Oh, and that can be cleaned up in less than 5 minutes! So – no pans and pots, blenders just for smoothies, and definitely not the oven. The microwave is my best friend.

Here are my typical daily eats since I’ve started the Resolution Challenge:

  1. Breakfast (7AM): H20, 1 tbsp EVOO, 50 grams dried oats mixed with non fat plain yogurt (or flavoured) and 15 grams of vanilla whey isolate

  2. Morning snack (10AM): either 60 grams Fibre One (Czech style, of course!), non fat plain yogurt and/or string cheese, apple. Sometimes I might have a bap with hummus/ham instead of cereals, or both…

  3. Lunch (2:30PM – workout usually happens before): The famous 180 calories wrap, spinach, hummus/ham, maybe some baby carrots + hummus…I find that I am ALWAYS extra hungry so I add 30 grams cereals or crackers with some more hummus/cottage cheese

  4. Afternoon snack (5:30PM): Smoothie made out of spinach, 1 scoop whey isolate, milk + H20, 1 tsp PB OR PB and string cheese

  5. Dinner (8PM): any veggie combination, or lack of combination, and for protein – fish/egg whites/hummus

SO Jen sent us an e-mail with all the details (seriously, she is amazing), telling us what she recommends for each meal and giving a ton of examples and instructions (did I mention she promptly answers all e-mails, too, not matter how often you send them?)

Here are the “rules” that stuck out to me the most, because they indicated CHANGE from what I’ve been used to (in green is how I’ve adapted my personal eating plan):

  • A smoothie a day keeps the doctor awaymake it green (preferably), after you work out (again, preferably)

  • Increase oil consumption1 tbsp EVOO in the morning, 1 tsp in the afternoon with the smoothie

  • Start the day with plenty of H20already been doing that

  • No fruit after 4 PMlast apple consumed at lunch time, if not before

  • No carbohydrates after 4 PMsmoothie as “afternoon snack” followed by a vegetable(s) dinner


The last two are THE HARDEST for me. First, the fruit, be fresh or dried. Wow. Huge obstacle. I am addicted to dates/figs/dried bananas. Kind of like how Pete Doherty is addicted to drugs. Also, apples tend to be my “dessert” after dinner. As for the carbohydrates – well, I find that protein +veggies for dinner work, and I also find that I DO lose weight when I play by this rule. So I am sticking to it.


I wish it were not so, but I am realising that the quote “Weight Loss is 80% diet 20% exercise” is so damn true. I can work out as hard as I want, for hours a day even, but it won’t change a single cell in my body unless I eat well.


Whatever I have been doing now just isn’t working. I could try to pull it off for a while, but I’d be unhappy dieting like this (eww, and I hate this word, too), and I KNOW I’d just end up gaining all the weight back whilst creating some sort of disordered eating (note – disordered eating. NOT an eating disorder. Very different)

I’d say that 90% of the eats on the eating plan just did not work for me. I am a special case so it would probably work for any other sane individual who does actually spend some time in the kitchen, but at the moment, not for me (maybe when I have my own place…)


  • YES to fruit after 4 PM –  Psychologically the alternative is  not working well. Must have some more apples, maybe even stick a banana in the smoothie

  • Spread out my morning snacks some more, cause I seem to get hungry. And hangry.

  • Allow myself to eat at least a few dried fruits a day if I want them. So, if I really want dates, then I’d agree on 5 and that’s it

I have to make these changes because I am finding myself slacking more often than I’d want. Like Jen said, you cannot go wild 8 days a month and see results (assuming I eat freely 2 days a week, which so far has been happening). I’d work out and ‘be good’ all week and then the weekend comes and I’m slacking and eating like there is no tomorrow. And I hate this cycle. I want to get out of it!

I have to say AGAIN, I am SO grateful to Jen and Sweat and The City. Not only am I learning a LOT about myself and healthy living in general, but I am also making permanent changes. I can really FEEL this. Please head over to the website NOW, you are missing out!!


I shall return tomorrow, no pun intended, with an update on my half marathon training plan! With the back injury and all, things are a little tough, but so far so good!!



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