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Resolution Challenge – Workouts

Hi Hots and Fits!


How are you all doing? How are those New Years Resolutions coming along?

The Sweat and The City Resolution Challenge I’ve started on January 3rd is still rocking my socks!


I tweet about it daily, so if we are tweeps (i.e. twitter friends), you’ve probably seen me over-tweeting about it. And if we are not tweeps then click here!


It has been three weeks since I’ve started this plan, and I am already having people telling me I’ve lost weight. Which is probably true or at least it appears to be so. Just for the record – I do not step on a scale (unless I have a direct order from my doctor) so I cannot tell you whether I did shed off some kilograms or not.


There are many things I want to write about this challenge, but it would take forever. Most people asked me questions about the workouts and about the meal plan. So I will post about the workouts now, and then I will put up another blog post about the meal plan (because the workout one is going to be really long…)





This is a Japanese training method that was introduced to me by the program. Simply speaking, you pick one exercise and you perform it for FOUR minutes in the following way:

  1.  For twenty seconds, do as many repetitions as possible.
  2. Rest for ten seconds
  3. Repeat sequence seven more times!


Here is a video which shows tabata burpees

If Jen wants to make our life harder, she makes us do another exercise instead of the 10 minute rest or just hold plank pose. Also, there are at least TWO tabata intervals in each workout, so you definitely burn some calories!

Some of my favourite exercises for tabata (all can be found on www.sweatandthecity.com or you could just come up with your own):

  • ·         Single or Double leg skates
  • ·         Plank to Push Ups
  • ·         Dancing Crabs
  • ·         Squats Jumps
  • ·         2 Reverse Lunges w with Plyo Jump into 2 Side Lunges
  • ·         Burpees
  • ·         List goes on and on and on

You can do ANY exercise you come up with using equipment (e.g. kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands etc.) or no equipment at all! You also need a tabata timer – you can find one online here, or download Gymboss to your smartphone and use it there instead.

Triple Threat Training – T3

This training method was developed by Jen, and I find that from all the strength workouts I have done, this is by far my favourite because it makes time FLY! If you log on to www.sweatandthecity.com on Monday, there will be a FREE T3 plan for you to use – highly recommended. In brief, here are the rules:

  1. 1)      30 minutes in length

  1. 2)      Its a strength training interval workout, consisting of 3 minute, 2 minute, and 1 minute interval blocks

a.      The 3 minute block is designated for lower body/cardio oriented exercises

b.      The 2 minute block is designated for upper body exercises

c.       The 1 minute block is a “fine tune” interval, where you focus on your main “trouble zone”

  1. 3)      You perform a 3-2-1 sequence with NO rest, take a 1 minute break, then perform it again. Then you move on to a a NEW 3-2-1 sequence and repeat it once again (so far a total of four sets)

  1. 4)      You finish with a final 3-2-1 sequence focusing only on your trouble zones i.e. “fine tune”

You get to build this workout on your own, and you must decide in advance what are your trouble zones. Since this workout is repeated 3 times a week, I recommend alternating the equipment you use. For example, on Monday you could you dumbbells, on Wednesday a resistance band and on Friday just your body weight. Here is a sample workout I did this week (note: I change my final sequence every T3 day, and sometimes I even switch up the exercises

Sequence #1 (to be repeated TWICE)

3 min – Lower Body/Cardio

2 min – Upper Body

1 min – Fine Tune

1.        Single Leg deadlifts x15 reps R*

2.        Single Leg deadlifts x15 reps L*

3.        Hamstring curl on stability ball x15 reps

1.        40 seconds walking plank

2.        40 seconds Dancing Crab

3.        40 seconds Plank Shoulder Taps

1.        Single Leg Skates


Sequence #2 (to be repeated TWICE)

3 min – Lower Body/Cardio

2 min – Upper Body

1 min – Fine Tune

1.        Single Leg Bridge x 15 reps L

2.        Single Leg Bridge x15 reps R

3.        Reverse Lunge with kick x10 reps L + x10 reps R

1.        40 seconds cheerleader*

2.        40 seconds Lateral Raises*

3.        40 seconds Frontal Raises*

1.        Plank Jacks


Sequence #3

3 min Fine Tune

2 min Fine Tune

1 min Fine Tune

Triple Jacks (x2 normal jack, x2 low jack, x2 plank jack)

Side Lunge with touchdown*

Squat Jumps


*I used 2 kg dumbbells for these exercises


Final Comments

·         I honestly love working out Sweat and the City style. I think I might relocate to the US of A just so I could work out with Jen

·         Which brings me to my next point – she is awesome! And she knows her stuff, too! Always has an answer and always willing to help

·         These workouts are short and they make you work!

·         Sometimes I don’t burn as many calories as I’d like so I just do some extra cardio at the end


Feel free to send me an e-mail or tweet if you have any questions! And if you want to talk to the master behind this program, then you could either follow her on twitter or go visit her amazing site!


I will see you all later with a post on the meal plan! And some Jewish shenanigans, too!

Happy Saturday!


PS – Also check out my friend Katie’s blog – all about Insanity Workouts, Fitness and Clean Eating! http://katiechangesforkatie.blogspot.com/


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