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Hi Hots and Fits

Its been a LONG, LONG, while. I will skip the apologies and such and get on with posting 😀

My maternal grandparents came to visit us here for Christmas and I had a nice little staycation in Hilton Prague. 13 Days. Yes. THAT long! It was fabulous, though! I enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing for almost two weeks!

(Images courtesy of Hilton.com)

image image

Don’t get me wrong – this has been the fittest Christmas vacation staycation I have had in my life. Hilton Prague has an awesome, massive health club consisting of an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, squash and THE BEST gym I have ever been to in my life

(All images courtesy of cybex.cz)


Each and every cardio machine has it down TV screen which made time FLY!!! I mean, I could probably run a half marathon on the treadmill and not even notice!!


For those of you rolling your eyes or going like…are you kidding me…all gyms have this….I have got news for you: NOT IN EUROPE!

Let me just tell you: it was very difficult going back to work this past Monday. Thank God I love my job so much otherwise I would have not been able to get out of bed Monday morning!


I am also doing a New Years Resolution courtesy of SWEAT AND THE CITY!

(all pictures and information belong/are from www.sweatandthecity.com –> GO THERE NOW!)


I ended up winning the Golden Ticket on Twitter and joined this challenge for FREE. Jen, who runs www.sweatandthecity.com, emailed all participants with detailed meal plans, exercise plans, and she is also answering all and any questions by e-mail. Oh and did I mention there is a live daily chat where participants discuss how they are doing? YES. That AWESOME!

I have to admit that in terms of eating I got this first week ALL wrong. Here are the main adapations I’ve had to make and…well…its been difficult:

  1. No carbs after lunch
  2. No fruit after lunch
  3. No dried fruits – [initially going like omg how will I survive….now, five days later, going like, goodness survival is hard]
  4. One green smoothie a day, preferably after working out
  5. Green and leafy dinner – [where are my carbs???]
  6. Drinking lots and lots of water – [keep forgetting that glass of morning in the AM]

Exercise wise, its been fabulous! We do lots of tabata workouts which are an awesome change, and the strength moves feel like Tracy Anderson who is the only trainer I trust with truly toning trouble spots, so I am blissfully happy 😀

You HAVE to check out the Sweat and the City website because it has SO many workout options and exercise clips which are absolutely free! I have already been using it for a month before starting on the challenge!!

In other news, I have signed up for the Prague International Marathon which will take place April 2nd I believe (sometime in the beginning of April). Still cannot run longer than 5 KM on the treadmill sans TV. Yea, better get used to it. But I gotta work. I need to drag my behind outside. Somebody make global warming shift this way and melt all the snow.

Later, skaters! Have a fabulous week!


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