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Berlin Recap

Hi Hots and Fits!

Wow its been ages but I did not spend the time away from ya’ll in vain.

Though you already know from the title, I spent last week in Berlin, Germany:

P1130228 P1130210 P1130085

P1130252 P1130273


My absolute favourite spot in Berlin is Check Point Charlie. Don’t ask me why because I do not know, but ever since my first visit to Berlin I absolutely fell in love with this place. The street (Friedrichstrasse) is also my favourite street in Berlin, followed by Kurfürstendamm 😀


P1130195 P1130197 Since all of us have been to Berlin before (my sister has been there so many times she actually gave us an “updated” tour) we spent most of the times in museums. We did all the kiddie ones:

image image image As well as the Jewish Museum there. Otherwise we just walked around a lot and shopped.


I should also confess that throughout my entire stay in Berlin I did not exercise a single day. Not one. But I think that with all the walking I did it ought to count for something. I am back to el gimnasio now doing my usual workouts although nothing happening with my running thus far. Very weird, but it always proves to be difficult/painful. Its like after 10 minutes I gotta get off the treadmill.

Anyhoo, I am off to watch my one and only beat AC Milan (hopefully)