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No Longer a “Runner”

Hots and Fits,

Its official: I can no longer classify myself as a runner.

Or, at least the runner I used to be!

This past week I have been doing my usual workout routines (3 days lifting, 3-4 days cardio). I usually like to run ALL THE TIME but since I am quite obsessed with the gym, I also incorporate cardio sessions on the stationary bikes, stair master and elliptical.

Well, it looks like both treadmill runs, too many HIIT sessions where I run for 2 minutes and then stop for 40 – 60 seconds, and using other machines really affected my running because I can NOT run for longer than 10 minutes straight now!! Either I am too sore or my heart is about to combust.

I don’t get WHY or WHEN did things really started to go downhill, but this last week felt too much like this:

image I am really worried because I was always a runner and I feel like I sort of strayed from my running path OR just put my attention on other things instead. I am really going to work hard on building my endurance and getting back into running!! 30 minutes at least!!

Today, after trying SEVERAL workouts this week (including an awesome one by this girl which I had to abandon after 5 minutes AND another 30 minute run which I had to split into 3 10 minutes sessions with walking breaks), I decided to attempt this hilly workout posted yesterday by FitSugar.com. This was the original (tiny numbers on the left are my kilometers equivalents)

image For almost ALL the hills’ period (no pun intended) I had to decrease my speed to about 6 km/hr.

Wow I am so frustrated. But that’s it. No more whining. I am actually going to do something about it. Couch to 5K, anybody???


All this is secondary to my main goal which is to CLEAN UP THE DIET!

image The truth is, my family imposes the largest obstacle, but if I ever even thought about which I’d rather be hanging out with, extremely skinny jeans or my familia, of course my familia wins. But they do create a hostile environment for me with food, mainly because they do not understand my choices and they are offended if I don’t eat what they have on the table. This really does create a table and I always am the one to have to compromise…


Alright, I am out to adore some bags at www.chanel.com and then SLEEP!!




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