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New Workout Routines

Hey Hots and Fits!

I think its been a week since I last posted!! Its been so very busy here with work, family and other obligations, but things are muy bueno 😀

Like I said in my previous post, I was going to change up my lifting routine this week because I like to do so every 4 weeks or so. Before I did Fitness Magazine’s Slimmer in 7 Days, and I loved it because I really felt like I got in a new workout.

Kettlebell Routine

I saw several workouts using kettlebells and although we don’t have them at my gym, I thought I would still go for it cause the moves looked interesting and because so many people speak of how kettlebells completely changed their workouts. Instead of a kettlebell I decided to just pick the same weight but using a single dumbbell. It worked fine. Here is the routine I compiled (using several different magazines):

Workout review – I used pretty heavy dumbbells (ranging between 3 – 6 kg, depending on the exercise). First day I did just one circuit through, then that did not feel like a good workout, so the following day I did the circuit twice. Still no difference. I could have used heavier weights but it would have affected my form, so I decided not to do so.

Random Mix Routine

Since the kettlebell workout was not working, I decided to go back to dumbbells and try a random mix for a new total body workout.

Workout review – this workout was much better than the kettlebell one. Really got my heart rate up and my muscles did feel it the next day. However something is not working just as well as it did with the other routine. It is weird because I am not resting much between exercises and my HR does rise up, but the muscle soreness is almost non existent.

Some of my favourite moves from this week were:

image  image

In other news,

my CARDIO isn’t looking very good this week. I don’t know WHAT happened but I think too much HIIT training, and spending many cardio days on the stationary bike/elliptical/stepmaster has affected my endurance and I can barely run at 10 km/hr for longer than 10 minutes!!! It doesn’t make any sense, I ran a marathon LESS than half a year ago!! Anyways, on Saturday I had to huff and puff and stop for a two minute walk after each 10 minute interval. I am now focusing on building it back…

But most importantly, I realise every single day, that not matter how well or how much I exercise, my body won’t change a bit unless I clean up my diet. This is the NUMBER ONE priority people. I NEED TO EAT CLEAN. And it has to start now. I live in a house with boasts its large variety of food and insane quantities, too. Its a cultural thing and it makes it very difficult. But it has to stop for me. NOW


Alright gals and pals I am off to read some and procrastinate some and then get some ZZZs. Tomorrow is a new week. Hope yours rocks!!


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