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Hey Hots and Fits!

How has your week rolled? Mine was quite bueno, besides a few downs which eventually turned into ups 😀

Workout routine has been the same and you can read more about it in my workouts tab where I keep the exercise.

Truth is, its been about 3/4 weeks since I have been doing Fitness Magazine’s total body workout and I do think it has been working. Think because as I have previously mentioned I don’t actually take measurements/weigh myself – to me its all about how the pants feel !

So as I sit here and I write this I continue to contemplate whether I will shift into a muscle focus workout or do total body. I like total body because I think it is more effective but maybe its time for a little change….

Anyways, I wanted to show ya’ll some of the gorgeousness I had met with yesterday:

IMG_0830 IMG_0829 IMG_0828

We got the following:




imageI also got a Nike Run Shirt for about 10 Euros and really cute clogs for less than 10 Euros. It was a nice little outlet which I know I am going to frequent 😀


My friend came over from the UK this week and brought over this magazine for me:

image This is British magazine which is like Women’s Health/Fitness Magazine in many ways. I liked it a lot actually (surprising, I normally don’t like these sort of magazines…) and it had some pretty interesting and informative articles. There was one about Elle Macpherson who in my opinion is absolutely gorgeous! I might share some later on this week…But anyways, a very interesting question was asked by one of their readers -  is it okay to run everyday?

I have to admit this has been a doubt of mine for ages….I love running very much and would do it every single day if I could! I know a lot of people think that I am a) crazy b) treat my body badly c) too obsessed with running but I honestly feel good and, at the end of the day, we should all do whatever makes us feel good!

That said, I have to admit since I ran my marathon in May I did take it easy with running, and there are weeks where I don’t run two days in a row. Shocking, I know! Since I am also at the gym I use the stepmaster, arc trainer and bikes a lot.




What about you? Do you consider running every day a bad thing or a good thing, for YOU?


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