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A Hot and Fit Breakfast

Hey Hots and Fits!!

Since this is the week of Sukkot and this casa is Jewish, we headed to the synagogue for prayer yesterday and then for dinner at our Rabbi’s Sukkah. It was actually a HUGE sukkah, taking all over the house’s terrace, and we were about 40 people in total! I remember my Sukkah back home, it was pretty small….

My mother is a Polish-Jew and since she does most of the cooking in the casa, us kiddies have no problem eating the food (the rabbi is Ashkenazi for those who know what in the world I am talking about…) Prayer and food was a little awkward for my dad, who is actually Egyptian and he didn’t find much of the food tasteful 😛

This morning I woke up and kept postponing going to the gym. At the end of the day it did not happen…proves I should always get it done first thing in the morning or, on days when I am on a full work schedule, during the indicated time slot! Yes, I actually have a reminder sent to me on my phone.

I did snap tons of pictures while making breakfast. Since its getting colder and I since I have consumed illegal amounts of cereals this summer, I am starting to transition back into oats. Not hot oats yet, cause it is not that cold…but definitely oats.

I love oats cause they are very filling, nutritious, cheap and convenient.

As a general rule, I start every morning almost every morning with the following :

Chocapic Cereal Bowl and The Kitchen Scale

Owning a kitchen scale has been very good for me in terms of portion sizes. I love it! And yes, I eat out of kids’ cereal bowls 😀

You’ll need:

Raw oats, Natural Low fat Yogurt, Protein Powder

I love Scitec‘s 100% Whey Isolate powder, and particularly the vanilla flavour. I have to say I tried several other brands but none are as good as this one!! It works well in smoothies, protein pancakes and also with oats 🙂


Pour powder. I use about 15 g (1/2 scoop)

Add raw oats (I used 50g) and mix well together

Pour in yogurt (my container was 150g)

Pour in yogurt (my container was 150g)

Mix WELL together AND VOILA!

There are also SO many ways to modify this so it doesn’t get boring…

  • Prepare it over night
  • Add fruit, raw or dried
  • Add flavoured yogurt or Kefir milk

This is also really filling – keeps me satisfied for at least three hours!

anyways, I am off to start on this book:

My sister is addicted to politics and history, we have so many books at home!

I will be back tomorrow with a list of workouts and a new music list 🙂 My favourite part!

Later skaters!


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