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Happy Sukkot!

Hey Hots and Fits!

How is this week going? I just got some pretty disappointing news 5 minutes ago and figured the only way to distract myself was to blog or watch telenovelas. Since the telenovelas are still loading…

Anyways, I think I might be in love with the workouts on Fitness Magazine. They are a-mazing. Well, I did two thus far, one cardio and one strength, but I got a whole list waiting…unlimited choices!!

Today I warmed up quickly on the bikes (5 minutes) and did Fitness Magazine’s The Slimmer in 7 Days Workout.

It was totally kick-ass!!

*Movers – using 2- to 5-pound weights *Shapers – using heavier 6- to 10-pound weights

I went through this circuit twice as indicated in the instructions and then moved on to Women’s Health Abs circuit from The Abs Diet for Women, week 1.

I know I will feel my core tomorrow!

Anyways, I have to keep this short and simple because its Sukkot today and this casa is Jewish

On the menu for tonight (and here I am sitting and contemplating and I just want to lose the bulge!)

  • Peanut butter chicken drums
  • Potato wedges in sour cream and garlic sauce
  • Potato Puree
  • Zucchini casserole

Later skaters!


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