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Abs Diet Workout

Hey Hots and Fits!

Its M-m-m-m-m-m-onday!! And I pretty much woke up feeling like this:

No sarcasm intended. Really.

Can you believe that it has been THREE days since my killer lower body workout and I am STILL sore?? I did some stretching yesterday but I know I really should be doing a yoga session. I just cannot find the time right now….I will probably do some of these stretches later on today:

FitSugar’s Yoga for Tight Hamstring Stretches

I SO wish I could do the splits. This is like my GOAL in fitness I think. I want to do the splits in SOME form. Sitting. Standing. ANY. Just do the splits!

Today I had an awesome workout at the gym, The Abs Diet style….It was short, simply and very effective!


For my cardio portion, I hit the treadmill and followed the exact outline of this routine (Week 1):

  • 3 minutes warm up, 3% incline, 5.6 kph
  • 22 minutes running, 1.5% incline, 9.6 kph
  • 5 minutes cool down, 5% incline, 5.6 kph

Strength – Abs Diet Abs Circuit

You can download it from here. This is what I did cause the rotation wasn’t working for me when I did the back extension:

  • Crisscross/Bicycles – 1 minute
  • Knee tuck (I love this move!) – 2 x 12
  • Back Extension  – 2 x 12
  • Lat Pull – 2 x 12
  • Lateral Bend – 1 x 20 per side
  • Oblique crunches on ball – 2 x 12 per side

Tomorrow I plan to do a total body circuit – post ya’ll later!!


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