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Shawty Is A Killa

Howdy Hots and Fits!

Anyone remember this song? I love all the STEP UP movies so much!!

How’s this week going by? I know all my American friends had a four day weekend. Labor Day. Did you know that Labour Day in Europe occurs on May 1st and is actually a celebration of Communism Socialism? Yea, I still don’t get why certain ex-Communist countries celebrate it. Do you guys really miss Stalin?


I am back to work this week and things have been pretty good thus far. I should also mention that my plan to hit up the DVD player early in the AM to squeeze in some extra cardio hasn’t worked yet. I am not sleeping too well and am basically spoiling myself with an extra hour of sleep…

Here is what I did these past two days:



HIIT on the Treadmill

  • 2 min warm up @ 5.5 km/hour, 2%
  • 20 minutes of pure HIIT, running for 2 minutes, resting for 40 seconds. Incline goes down to 1.5%, speeds range between 9.6-10.1 km/hour.
  • 2 min cool down @ 5.5 km/hour, 4% incline


  • 10 minutes on the sweatmaster starting at level 5 and working up to level 8 every 2 minutes, then back down

ChaLEAN Extreme – style Weight Lifting sesh

*I am playing around with my weight sessions to see what works best. So last week I did some routine I found on the internet and this week I am trying to ChaLEAN’s. I just want to see what I like/what works for me and then I will be more consistent with it

*The purpose of this routine is to fail between 10-12 reps. So you have to lift heavy. I don’t actually write down my weights but I lift between 5-7 kg depending on the exercise. Sometimes I go down to 2-4 kg!

  • Sumo Squat with Hip Lift – this did not work. At all. And I was just holding a 3 kg weight in each hand.
  • Lunge with Posterior Fly
  • Dead Lift with Posterior Fly
  • Lunge with Core Rotation
  • Bench Press and Leg Lower
  • Squat with Side Bend
  • Forward Lean Lunge with Posterior Fly
  • Chest Fly with Hip Lift

This didn’t feel like a good workout, so I used the following machines too (12 reps=fail!)

  • Leg extension
  • Leg press
  • Leg Curl
  • Some weight machine that works your quads…dunno the name


Today I was haaaaaaaangry. Like, really really hungry. So I was in a grugy mood at the gym. I started off with a KILLER 30 minute workout on the crosstrainer. I dont know why it was a killer but I was just waiting for it to be over! Thank GOD for Gossip Girl re-runs.

0-5    4   FW
5-10    6   BW
10-15    7   FW
15-20    8   BW
20-25    7   FW
25-27   6   BW
27-30    5   FW
30-32   4   BW

Then I did some ABS inspired by own of my favourite girls, JANETHA B!

  • Stability ball tuck – 3 x 15
  • Stability ball roll out  – 3 x 15
  • Stability ball crunch and twist with weight in hand – 3 x 15, holding 2.5 weight in hand
  • Decline crunch (lower bench) – 3 sets of 15 reps, holding 2 kg weight
  • Decline oblique crunch (lower bench), 3 sets of 15 reps, holding 2 kg weight
  • Hanging leg raises – 3 sets of 20
  • Plank on ball – 30 seconds x 3


That is all. I have also been a busy bee preparing for Rosh Hashanah aka Jewish New Year. Lots of cooking, will picture it all tomorrow for ya’ll!



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