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Will it STOP raining?? + DVD Review


Hey Hots and Fits!!

Happy Monday! I am exceptionally happy (sort of) cause I got today and tomorrow off work! You guys now I always say I love being on schedule and going to work (keeps me busy!) but rest days are good, too!

I slept in this morning (11 hours of sleep! JEEZ!), woke up and ate an extended breakfast of cold cereals+milk and 4 crackers with Honey and Cottage cheese. I was starving.

After digesting and hanging out with my beautiful madre I went outside to the pouring rain (which hasn’t stopped these last 2 days) and drove to el gimnasio…

Some readers asked me what I was up to this week, so here is the deal: I am pretty much sticking to my routine from last week because

  • its time effective (workouts do not last longer than 1 hour at the most
  • its total body, which means I don’t have to worry about separate routines every other day
  • I really felt the burn last week
  • it provides a great combination of cardio and strength

I am basically doing this format:

    • MONDAY – Cardio (HIIT) + Abs
    • TUESDAY – Total Body Routine (see below)
    • WEDNESDAY – Cardio (HIIT) + Abs
    • THURSDAY – Total Body Routine (see below)
    • FRIDAY – Cardio (HIIT)  OR General Cardio (e.g. different machines, steady pace running etc.) + Abs
    • SATURDAY – Total Body Routine (see below)
    • SUNDAY – Rest Day OR Pilate/Yoga

The routine is from Fitness Magazine (which I recently rediscovered and absolutely love) and its called

The Slimmer in 7 Days Workout

P1Of course I am not trying to slim down in seven days! I just like this routine and therefore will give it a try for the next four weeks or so. Head to the link to see more, its great! You could pretty much do this workout at home, too!

I also tried Exhale Spa’s Thighs and Glutes DVD today for the first time…

P2 I absolutely LOVED this DVD. Its about 51 minutes long, but you really do not feel the time moving by! Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito are great instructors, providing important explanations regarding form and breathing, and address which muscles you are working each time. It is split into 5 – 10 minute segments, so you don’t even have to do all of them at the same time….All you need for this DVD is a mat, sturdy chair and a towel/block. It was a great workout and I hope I shall feel it tomorrow!

Anyways, I am off to do some reading now and spend time with the familia!


Later, Skaters!


A Hot and Fit Breakfast

Hey Hots and Fits!!

Since this is the week of Sukkot and this casa is Jewish, we headed to the synagogue for prayer yesterday and then for dinner at our Rabbi’s Sukkah. It was actually a HUGE sukkah, taking all over the house’s terrace, and we were about 40 people in total! I remember my Sukkah back home, it was pretty small….

My mother is a Polish-Jew and since she does most of the cooking in the casa, us kiddies have no problem eating the food (the rabbi is Ashkenazi for those who know what in the world I am talking about…) Prayer and food was a little awkward for my dad, who is actually Egyptian and he didn’t find much of the food tasteful 😛

This morning I woke up and kept postponing going to the gym. At the end of the day it did not happen…proves I should always get it done first thing in the morning or, on days when I am on a full work schedule, during the indicated time slot! Yes, I actually have a reminder sent to me on my phone.

I did snap tons of pictures while making breakfast. Since its getting colder and I since I have consumed illegal amounts of cereals this summer, I am starting to transition back into oats. Not hot oats yet, cause it is not that cold…but definitely oats.

I love oats cause they are very filling, nutritious, cheap and convenient.

As a general rule, I start every morning almost every morning with the following :

Chocapic Cereal Bowl and The Kitchen Scale

Owning a kitchen scale has been very good for me in terms of portion sizes. I love it! And yes, I eat out of kids’ cereal bowls 😀

You’ll need:

Raw oats, Natural Low fat Yogurt, Protein Powder

I love Scitec‘s 100% Whey Isolate powder, and particularly the vanilla flavour. I have to say I tried several other brands but none are as good as this one!! It works well in smoothies, protein pancakes and also with oats 🙂


Pour powder. I use about 15 g (1/2 scoop)

Add raw oats (I used 50g) and mix well together

Pour in yogurt (my container was 150g)

Pour in yogurt (my container was 150g)

Mix WELL together AND VOILA!

There are also SO many ways to modify this so it doesn’t get boring…

  • Prepare it over night
  • Add fruit, raw or dried
  • Add flavoured yogurt or Kefir milk

This is also really filling – keeps me satisfied for at least three hours!

anyways, I am off to start on this book:

My sister is addicted to politics and history, we have so many books at home!

I will be back tomorrow with a list of workouts and a new music list 🙂 My favourite part!

Later skaters!

Happy Sukkot!

Hey Hots and Fits!

How is this week going? I just got some pretty disappointing news 5 minutes ago and figured the only way to distract myself was to blog or watch telenovelas. Since the telenovelas are still loading…

Anyways, I think I might be in love with the workouts on Fitness Magazine. They are a-mazing. Well, I did two thus far, one cardio and one strength, but I got a whole list waiting…unlimited choices!!

Today I warmed up quickly on the bikes (5 minutes) and did Fitness Magazine’s The Slimmer in 7 Days Workout.

It was totally kick-ass!!

*Movers – using 2- to 5-pound weights *Shapers – using heavier 6- to 10-pound weights

I went through this circuit twice as indicated in the instructions and then moved on to Women’s Health Abs circuit from The Abs Diet for Women, week 1.

I know I will feel my core tomorrow!

Anyways, I have to keep this short and simple because its Sukkot today and this casa is Jewish

On the menu for tonight (and here I am sitting and contemplating and I just want to lose the bulge!)

  • Peanut butter chicken drums
  • Potato wedges in sour cream and garlic sauce
  • Potato Puree
  • Zucchini casserole

Later skaters!

Abs Diet Workout

Hey Hots and Fits!

Its M-m-m-m-m-m-onday!! And I pretty much woke up feeling like this:

No sarcasm intended. Really.

Can you believe that it has been THREE days since my killer lower body workout and I am STILL sore?? I did some stretching yesterday but I know I really should be doing a yoga session. I just cannot find the time right now….I will probably do some of these stretches later on today:

FitSugar’s Yoga for Tight Hamstring Stretches

I SO wish I could do the splits. This is like my GOAL in fitness I think. I want to do the splits in SOME form. Sitting. Standing. ANY. Just do the splits!

Today I had an awesome workout at the gym, The Abs Diet style….It was short, simply and very effective!


For my cardio portion, I hit the treadmill and followed the exact outline of this routine (Week 1):

  • 3 minutes warm up, 3% incline, 5.6 kph
  • 22 minutes running, 1.5% incline, 9.6 kph
  • 5 minutes cool down, 5% incline, 5.6 kph

Strength – Abs Diet Abs Circuit

You can download it from here. This is what I did cause the rotation wasn’t working for me when I did the back extension:

  • Crisscross/Bicycles – 1 minute
  • Knee tuck (I love this move!) – 2 x 12
  • Back Extension  – 2 x 12
  • Lat Pull – 2 x 12
  • Lateral Bend – 1 x 20 per side
  • Oblique crunches on ball – 2 x 12 per side

Tomorrow I plan to do a total body circuit – post ya’ll later!!

Booty Burn!

Hi Hots and Fits!

I had this post scheduled to appear today since it is Yom Kippur and I am fasting. And not drinking. For 25 hours.

During the last 6 hours it pretty much feels like THIS:

Alright, getting on with the post, I wanted to share TWO fabulous workouts I did on Thursday and Friday which I know I will feel the next day!  (Thank God for Yom Kippur and resting!)



I wanted plain, old, good cardio while watching Life Unexpected. I honestly ate like a piglet the night before so I had to kick things back to normal.

  • 30 minutes on the arc trainer (2 minutes warm up, then alternating 5 minutes forward 5 minutes backwards, Resistance 5, 2 minute cool down)
  • 15 minutes on the sweatmaster, alternating every two minutes between resistances 4-6

Strength – Stability Ball ABS

You HAVE to try this workout. You will feel it the next day! Just grab an exercise ball and go!

I did 3 sets of each exercise, little rest between sets:

  • Roll ins (15 per set) – you can make it harder by doing piques
  • Crunches (25 per set) – you can make it harder by holding a weight across your chest
  • Oblique crunches (12 per set + per side)
  • Single leg crunch – these are KICKASS and I think my left side is stronger than the right (???) – (10 per set, per leg)
  • Plank (2 x 1 minute)


Today was lower body day and I was contemplating between just doing P90X at home, ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit which focuses on lower body or just something else. Instead I mixed and matched lifting lighter weights, higher reps – I am just messing around.


I started with an awesome treadmill workout from Fitness Magazine called The 20-Minute, Glute-Sculpting Treadmill Routine:

Strength – Lower Body

As I mentioned before – lower weights, higher reps 😀

  • Deadlift– 5 kg dumbbell in each hand, 3 reps of 15
  • Squat with weights – 5 kg dumbbell in each hand, 3 reps of 15
  • Skaters/Bowlers lunge – 3 kg dumbbell in each hand, 3 reps of 15
  • Reverse lunge with lateral raise – 2 kg dumbbell in each hand, 1 set of 12 per leg, 1 set of 5 per leg
  • Reverse lunge with frontal raise – 2 kg dumbbell in each hand, 1 set of 12 per leg, 1 set of 5 per leg

On the Stability Ball:

  • Pulsing hip lifts – pulse hips up and down for 15 seconds, 3 times
  • Hip Extensions on ball – 3 reps of 15

Let me get back to ya’ll Sunday and tell you how it felt!! I can already feel the burnnnn!

Peace out!

New DVDs!!

Happy Tuesday people!

I say Mondays are  the toughest, though, right? Unless you live in Israel and Sunday is the first day of the week. Then Sundays are the hardest.

I didn’t post these last few days cause I was pretty much in this state 24/7:

Only without the tea. I hate tea.

Lots of Otrivin and Paralen, I am doing slightly better at the moment (I had sinusitis back in June and Pneumonia last year….so I am being careful). I don’t get it – I have been working with little kids who are sick ALL the time and cough ALL the time for the past 3 years, I exercise every day (I actually run in -15C during winter if there isn’t too much snow….)  – isn’t my health supposed to be the envy of all others???

Although I did take Saturday off working out (and off feet in general), I did workout on Sunday (10 minutes bikes + 3 sets of every.single.machine.at.the.gym – don’t freak out, our gym is tinnyyyy) and these past two days (just cardio…nothing special otherwise I would write it down here). I have to admit working out has made me feel SO.MUCH.BETTER!!

I also got these workout DVDs recently (BFF came for a visit from NJ, and brought so many goodies to my fitness-obsessed self!):

*I haven’t actually tried any yet cause I am too obsessed with the gym BUT I did try one segment of Exhale’s Thighs and Glutes!

Exhale Thighs and Glutes

Exhale Total Body Sculpt

Ilaria Montagnani's Bodystrikes

Ilaria Montagnani Abs and Push Ups


Turbo Fire!!!

Yep yep. I am in HEAVEN. But unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do any of them. Work, Fedex and their awful customer service and just the other usual things of life!

Alright, I am off to hang out with the padres and eat dinner. I love life!

Peace out!

Jewish New Years Eve


So Happy New Year AKA Rosh Hashanah to all my Jewish peeps! We are having guests over here at the casa. Who are not Jewish. Its always, always, hilarious fascinating when we have non-Jews over cause they ask the funniest things. Or, maybe they just find our religion funny they are too afraid to comment….

This is our table, and here are some of the dishes:

Table Setting

Fried eggplants, Challa bread with raisins, Russian Salad

Gefilte fish with horseradish sauce

Fried eggplants and onions dip

Raw Tahini

Before all the feasting, I left work at lunch time and headed to el gimnasio. If  yesterday’s cardio was a killer, today’s strength was murderous.


33 minutes of HIIT on the dreadmill, with my usual 2 min/40 seconds timing

  • 3 min warm up @ 5.5 km/hour, 2%
  • 27 minutes of pure HIIT, running for 2 minutes, resting for 40 seconds. Incline goes down to 1.5%, speeds range between 9.8 km/hour.
  • 3 min cool down @ 5.5 km/hour, 4% incline

That got my sweat on, as always 😀

ChaLEAN Extreme – style Weight Lifting sesh

365 - Day 5

Image by kundalini via Flickr

Today’s workout was insaneeee! I don’t know if its cause I was lifting heavier or cause of the routine, but this was TOUGH!

*Lift as heavy as you can while keeping good form; file between 10-12 reps

  • Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl – 3 kg in each hand
  • Lunge with Tricep Extension, single arm (x2 makes one rep) – 4 kg in each hand
  • Dead Lift Row – go down, go up then do a rowTriple Threat Push Up – 5 kg in each hand
  • Sumo Squat with Overhead Tricep Extension – 4 kg weight
  • Dead Lift with Double Arm Row – same as before, but palms face OUT and you should bend half way down after the deadlift to row – 5 kg weight in each hand
  • Bowler’s Lunge with Single Arm Row – static bowler’s lunge, row when down then lift yourself up – 5 kg in each hand
  • Bicep with Abductor Balance – as you life leg out, do a bicep curl – 5 kg in each hand
  • 3 EXTREME BICEP CURLS – 5 kg in each hand
  • Forward Lean lunge with Double Row – 5 kg in each hand
  • 3 EXTREME ROWS – 5 kg in each hand

After all the sweat was done, I came home, had a gigantic lunch (tortilla wrap+steamed veggies + wasa crackers with crunchy Marks & Spencer Peanut butter and Jam) and then got ready to feast.