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Happy Friday Hots and Fits!

Is it just me or does the week FLY by to you, too? I mean, not just this week, but week(s) in general!

I got up today nice and “early” (7:20 as opposed to my usual 5:20 when I am a working chica) and decided to do the Fitnessista bootcamp which was posted by Gina yesterday.

I ran for about 3 (or 4?) consecutive days and I was really looking into doing something different today. I am in an Insanity rut (lasting about 2 months already now) so I thought I would do ChaLEAN ‘s cardio but thought I would rather just do something totally new.

I warmed up with this video:

I must tell you I found it a little bit difficult to follow at times (what can I say my choreography skills aren’t that good) but it definitely did the job.

Proceeded to the workout a la Fitnessista:

– Circuit 1: (With dumbbells)

Right leg in front: Lunge, come up and lateral raise with the dumbbells (15 total)

Plie squat, come up and upward row with the dumbbells- squeeze your legs and booty and you come up, too (15 total)

Left leg in front: Lunge and lateral raise (15 total)

Cardio blast:

Jog 30 seconds

Jumping jacks 30 seconds

High knees 30 seconds (arms straight out)

Burpees 30 seconds

*repeat Circuit 1 and cardio blast one time

– Circuit 2:

21s with dumbbells (21)

Overhead tricep extension (15 total)

Dumbbell deadlift (15 total)

Cardio blast:

Walking lunge and lift (1 minute)

Shuffle back

High knee skips

Shuffle back

*repeat Circuit 2 and cardio blast one time

-Circuit 3:

Push ups (modified or regular- make sure to keep your booty down and body in a straight line)

High plank- bring one knee towards your chest and then kick your leg back and up behind you, release and repeat on the other side (12 total)

Low plank- same thing- one knee in, then kick it back and up, foot down to starting position and switch (12 total)

Cardio blast:

Floor sprints (1 minute)

*repeat Circuit 3 and cardio blast one more time




Since I am on holiday and have too much time during which I do nothing, I figured I will call on the brother (he is 8 years old and loves the fact that I am into working out) and asked if he wanted to do Jillian’s Shred with me. We did Level 1 together a few days ago and he seemed to like it a lot.

So Level 2 it was. The brother (who, of course, does the workout sans weights for anyone who thought I was insane) just said “wow this lady is crazy, sister”.



Its so much fun working out with the little guy…because it really makes the workout fly by, we are actually spending time together and the cardio sessions are always such a laugh!

After visiting IKEA (gosh I hate that store) and running a few errands I came home and plugged in 35 minutes of Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown, Level 1.



I know a lot of people say that this is not even a Yoga workout and so on but I honestly like it and it really challenges me. I break a serious sweat, people!


Alright, I am off now to update the iPhone/iPod (running tomorrow!) and get some ZZZZs!


See you later alligators!


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