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Hi Hots and Fits!

How is this week going? Things went downhill here from Tuesday night. Baah.

I started sneezing like crazy on Tuesday and woke up on Wednesday morning with a flogged nose and a severe headache. The most annoying thing was the fact that it was my birthday that day.

I have this thing each year where I give myself the best birthday gift ever: a run. Hahaha its silly cause I do it everyday (well, almost every day) but I feel like it defines my new year! Well, I still headed out and ran but it was only 5.3 K or so (I also did some sprints and did not use RunKeeper). Just so you can see how it looks:


RunKeeper will also give you the splits:


Its fabulous, really. And FREE! The only downside of this is that it EATS your battery! Like, 10 KM into your run (+ iPod turned on, I cannot run without my music!) you have already used up 40% of your battery life. It sucks. RunKeeper suggests turning WiFi off and locking the screen. Still dying here, though!

So, since I am sick, I only got that short run and an hour of Yoga with Weights (magic, friends, you will feel every muscle of your body working!).

Woke up yesterday feeling a lot worse, called in sick at work, and went to the doctor to see what the heck is going on (I hate doctors and hospitals and spending my time there, but I was afraid it is a bit more than a simple allergy). Turns out I have a combo of spring allergy and sinusitis, and I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs. So far I don’t feel any different, which is why my cardio plans are not happening. Or my PM workouts. Baah.

I started it up this morning with a 50%-50% mix of the following:


1 – Nestle’s Lion Cereals. Not so healthy

….and this:


2 – High Fiber Cereals a la Czech. Much healthier and high in fiber

I am trying to satisfy the carb addiction, lack of exercise and feeling like my head is going to explode.


The plan of attack is trying to tackle ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Circuits 2 AND 3 today. I need some exercise and usually weight lifting doesn’t kill me too much.


Later, alligators!


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