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Run Keeper Review

Hots and Fits!

I am posting again! Today I want to let you guys know about RunKeeper which I have been using…

I normally do not take my iPhone with me when I run, mainly because I am scared it will end up like this:



The above picture is my worst nightmare. I actually did have this nightmare two days ago and woke up frightened.

So yes, I am a little clumsy and as I result I prefer to carry my old iPod Nano with me when I run. The main disadvantage is the fact that it cannot track pace at all. I also own a Polar F6, but a) he doesn’t track pace and b) he is very moody. Yes, I personalize my Polar 😀

When I did my marathon training I had to carry the iPhone with me because it was important for my family to know where I was during long runs. Since I was risking its’ life anyways, I figured I might as well try to use RunKeeper.

RunKeeper is “an application built for the iPhone 3G and 3GS that uses the built-in GPS to enable runners (and walkers, cyclists, hikers, etc.) to track their outdoor fitness activities including duration, distance, pace, speed, calories burned, and path traveled on a map.” (runkeeper.com)

If you owe the free version you do not get audio cues and you cannot plan your workouts in advance however it only costs $10 so I might actually invest that later on if I get serious regarding another race training.

The fabulous thing is that you can simply send the workout to the RunKeeper website and you can see the map and the stats nicely. You can also tweet/facebook it! (whilst making the maps private – very important!)




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