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Some European Saturday Adventures

Hi Hots and Fits!


I just got back from this city:



Any guesses? Picture source will tell you…


How has the week been? Things here have been fabulous! I am really enjoying all my workouts. I am seriously bummed about my foot which has still not made a recovery (more on that later) but overall I have been having a blast with CHALEAN and SHAUN T!


Basically, I stopped doing too much of Insanity’s Core Cardio and Balance because I need to burn some more calories (I normally burn anywhere between 270-280 calories when I do this particular workout). So I put in the Pure Cardio, Plyo Circuit and Cardio Power and Resistance. These tend to burn around 320-340 calories, which is kind of how I like it.

Since I had Thursday and Friday off, I decided to step it up a little (by the way saw the trailer for Step Up 3D – looks rockin’!)


So I did Max Interval Circuit on Thursday which made me wonder what is harder, a marathon or an hour working out with Shaun T. On Friday I did Burn It Off and Burn Intervals (both ChaLEAN) and these are also really intense….



This morning I woke up and attempted running. My foot felt okay and its been two weeks since the marathon (wow) so I figured it would be okay. I went out aiming to do 10 KM and ended up doing 7.2 KM. Because the foot was starting to hurt. It actually hurt even more once I was done. Argh. I am very frustrated. I was actually planning on doing a half marathon at the end of June but so far things aren’t looking too good!!


Aright kiddies, I am off to watch these guys



beat these losers






Even though Real Madrid el amor de mi vida did not make it, and I am a AC Milan Fan when it comes to Italian football, I am rooting for Internazionale!


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