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Some Bits and Pieces

Hey Hots and Fits!!


Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I just took it super duper easy. Slept for 11 hours on Saturday (personal record for me, I swear), and an additional 8 on Sunday.

Caught up with my telenovelas, Glee and One Tree Hill.

I LOVE the music on GLEE!! The songs are so. freakin. good.



Oh, I also watch 10 Things I Hate About You – its SO cute!!! Try it!



Weather has been a bit of a stink here lately (considering its the end of May almost – phew, the year is just FLYING by)…

Also, I ordered 2 lbs of powdered egg whites (from a company I have been ordering from for the past 2 years) and they came in a new container with a nasty stinky smell. I tried to cook them and see if it makes a difference but my stomach turned when I took them out of the microwave. It never happened before. To piss me off further, I contacted the seller and asked for my money back, but they refuse to give it back since “I already opened the package“. I said that with such awful customer service, they will not see me coming back any time. Well, they said I could send it back and they will see how to proceed. Yeah, my ass. I mean, how would I even know they stink if I hadn’t opened the package? Europeans are just so dumb sometimes!

In fitness news, I am back to using the heart rate monitor. Don’t get me wrong, I was fine without it, but I have just been gaining weight rather than losing weight. Actually wait: weight is not the correct word. Gaining inches is more like it, cause I never step on the scale. I can always tell how’s it goin’ based on how my trousers fit. So, I am doing some insanity and running as my main form of cardio (=calories burned) and CHALEAN Extreme (=weight lifting).





Polar is helping me determine (when its not being an ass-I-want-to-stop-working) how much I am actually burning. For example, today I did INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance (still recovering from the foot I injured during last week’s marathon) and burned 280 calories. That was not enough for me, so I quickly did the first warm up round of Pure Cardio and burned an additional 40 calories. With the cool down I ended up with 340 calories total. Then, this afternoon I did CHALEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 1 and burned 140 calories in 36 minutes (ridiculous, I feel like I am dying most of the time).

I am also keeping track of what I put in my mouth (I am really trying to follow the 5 x 200-300 calories meals a day rule) and I would assume I took in 1500 calories.



Anyhow, I will see how this goes. Tomorrow is probably INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance. No particular reason, I just want to do this particular workout. I will have to see how my foot feels, though. Also, afternoon demands some CHALEAN, I assume Burn Circuit 2.

See you later!


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