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Running a Marathon this Weekend!!


I am running a marathon in less than 24 hours! Wow! I am so excited. I am actually anticipating this. Isn’t that very weird? I have my playlists ready, including an SOS one with canciones en Espanol (I swear I must have some Hispanic genes, my love for this culture + language just won’t make sense otherwise)….

So here is my game plan……


Wake up at 6:30, shower (? – haven’t decided yet), eat my breakfast for champions consisting of 50 grams dried oats, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder and a banana. Before the race I will have a banana as well.



Here is my fuel:



CarboSnack, one at 10 K and another at 35 K



EnduroSnack at the 20 K point


Coconut Voltage Energy Cake at the 30 K point

There will also be bananas, oranges and energy drinks every 5 kilometers so I will play around with it a little.


I am planning on using RunKeeper at the start to pace me. I was warned several times that I must be careful not to start off too quickly, so I need RunKeeper to tell me how fast I am going.

I have actually been testing several applications on the iPhone to see which one works best. I tried Pace Yourself Lite, Motion GPS, RunKeeper and MapMyRun. Motion GPS is very good because its map variety is amazing and it is also very accurate. However it takes me time to flip between the screens and it seems slow at times. I used RunKeeper on my last long run and had to turn it off after the first 8 KM because it was seriously eating up my battery. I tweeted about it last night and this morning I found this response from RunKeeper:




I have changed my phone’s setting so hopefully it will save me some battery. I just want to use it at the beginning….

In terms of TIME – I would really want to finish in just around 5 hours, but being realistic this may not happen. I am thinking it might actually take me about 5 hours and 40 minutes. I plan on starting at a 7:30 min/km pace and if I can, I would want to bring it down to 7 min/km at the last 10 kilometers.



YOGA!! I will come home ASAP and do the Yoga sequence from Women’s Health which has already proven to be the best healer for the muscles after a long run.








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