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Some European Saturday Adventures

Hi Hots and Fits!


I just got back from this city:



Any guesses? Picture source will tell you…


How has the week been? Things here have been fabulous! I am really enjoying all my workouts. I am seriously bummed about my foot which has still not made a recovery (more on that later) but overall I have been having a blast with CHALEAN and SHAUN T!


Basically, I stopped doing too much of Insanity’s Core Cardio and Balance because I need to burn some more calories (I normally burn anywhere between 270-280 calories when I do this particular workout). So I put in the Pure Cardio, Plyo Circuit and Cardio Power and Resistance. These tend to burn around 320-340 calories, which is kind of how I like it.

Since I had Thursday and Friday off, I decided to step it up a little (by the way saw the trailer for Step Up 3D – looks rockin’!)


So I did Max Interval Circuit on Thursday which made me wonder what is harder, a marathon or an hour working out with Shaun T. On Friday I did Burn It Off and Burn Intervals (both ChaLEAN) and these are also really intense….



This morning I woke up and attempted running. My foot felt okay and its been two weeks since the marathon (wow) so I figured it would be okay. I went out aiming to do 10 KM and ended up doing 7.2 KM. Because the foot was starting to hurt. It actually hurt even more once I was done. Argh. I am very frustrated. I was actually planning on doing a half marathon at the end of June but so far things aren’t looking too good!!


Aright kiddies, I am off to watch these guys



beat these losers






Even though Real Madrid el amor de mi vida did not make it, and I am a AC Milan Fan when it comes to Italian football, I am rooting for Internazionale!


Some Bits and Pieces

Hey Hots and Fits!!


Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I just took it super duper easy. Slept for 11 hours on Saturday (personal record for me, I swear), and an additional 8 on Sunday.

Caught up with my telenovelas, Glee and One Tree Hill.

I LOVE the music on GLEE!! The songs are so. freakin. good.



Oh, I also watch 10 Things I Hate About You – its SO cute!!! Try it!



Weather has been a bit of a stink here lately (considering its the end of May almost – phew, the year is just FLYING by)…

Also, I ordered 2 lbs of powdered egg whites (from a company I have been ordering from for the past 2 years) and they came in a new container with a nasty stinky smell. I tried to cook them and see if it makes a difference but my stomach turned when I took them out of the microwave. It never happened before. To piss me off further, I contacted the seller and asked for my money back, but they refuse to give it back since “I already opened the package“. I said that with such awful customer service, they will not see me coming back any time. Well, they said I could send it back and they will see how to proceed. Yeah, my ass. I mean, how would I even know they stink if I hadn’t opened the package? Europeans are just so dumb sometimes!

In fitness news, I am back to using the heart rate monitor. Don’t get me wrong, I was fine without it, but I have just been gaining weight rather than losing weight. Actually wait: weight is not the correct word. Gaining inches is more like it, cause I never step on the scale. I can always tell how’s it goin’ based on how my trousers fit. So, I am doing some insanity and running as my main form of cardio (=calories burned) and CHALEAN Extreme (=weight lifting).





Polar is helping me determine (when its not being an ass-I-want-to-stop-working) how much I am actually burning. For example, today I did INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance (still recovering from the foot I injured during last week’s marathon) and burned 280 calories. That was not enough for me, so I quickly did the first warm up round of Pure Cardio and burned an additional 40 calories. With the cool down I ended up with 340 calories total. Then, this afternoon I did CHALEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 1 and burned 140 calories in 36 minutes (ridiculous, I feel like I am dying most of the time).

I am also keeping track of what I put in my mouth (I am really trying to follow the 5 x 200-300 calories meals a day rule) and I would assume I took in 1500 calories.



Anyhow, I will see how this goes. Tomorrow is probably INSANITY Cardio Power and Resistance. No particular reason, I just want to do this particular workout. I will have to see how my foot feels, though. Also, afternoon demands some CHALEAN, I assume Burn Circuit 2.

See you later!

I am a Marathon-err

Hots and Fits!!

I am officially a marathon runner!!

I ran 42.195 am on May the 2010 in exactly 5 hours, 9 minutes and 15 seconds.

Here are my splits:


I am really, really, really happy with my results. I am actually very impressed – I thought I would finish in about 5 hours and 40 minutes, as I mentioned in my last post…


Here is my recap…

I got to the race about 35 minutes before the start (start time was 9 am). To my surprise, I saw a large amount of people standing in line to go to the bathrooms and to put their bags in the clock rooms. I say surprised because when I ran the half marathon (2,500 participants) there were tons more toilets as opposed to the marathon (8,000 participants). I don’t know how was in charge, but they may want to consider this next year…

My colleague’s friend was also running the marathon so I met up with them. We spent 25 minutes waiting to use the bathroom. Very bad to start with. I went to the bathroom about 3 times before the half marathon. Oh the nerves. My friend gave me 1 serving of GU shots or blocks or whatever they are called. She is American so she had plenty but it was my first time taking these.

So, around 2 minutes to 9 I ran to put my bag at the clock rooms, and then my friend and I start jogging towards the starting line. Yes, that was our warm up. It was quite hectic there because there were other races that were starting (family walks, dog walks, eco runs, blah blah blah) so until we made it to the starting line, it took us almost 6 minutes. Better than the half marathon (took me almost 12 minutes).

The good thing about the long wait was that I honestly didn’t have time to get nervous….I kind of just started running without thinking too much about it.

My friend was much faster than me but we stuck together the first couple of minutes. I told her to leave me because it was not fair for her. A few minutes later my mother called so I chatted to her till about the 4th kilometer. This was my first time ever running and cell phone chatting. I have been quite experimental this marathon…Well, it worked quite well, and again, it really made me relax. I wasn’t that nervous.

First 20 kilometers were very boring. I had the Lady entertaining me, as well as mis musicos favoritos. I noticed that I was going faster than I had planned, but I felt very, very good so I didn’t want to stop. My padres called again around 22nd Kilometer. This time I was not able to talk too much, so I listened.

Oh – I should mention that there was a water/fuel station every 2.5 KM. So I grabbed two cups of something every time. Or one cup. But mostly two. They were only half full or so. Water or energy drinks. Also had bananas. A LOT OF BANANAS. Sometimes dipped in salt, sometimes dipped in sugar. And my gels, of course….

The 25-28th Kilometer is when things started to suck a little. It doesn’t really look like it on my stats, but it sure as hell felt like it. So. I played some weird mental game where I would wait till the last 10 K to chat to my mama and then maybe do some walking. At the 28th I saw a mother of my student who accompanied her husband (she was being the supportive wife on the bikes) and she was really nice and awesome so she was providing some mental support, too!

Reached the 32 point, called the madre, who told me she was on her way. This got my spirits very high. My madre hates my exercise habits. It pisses her off. She hates my eating habits too. She would rather have me not exercise, and eat what she wants me to eat (cakes, pastries, all-edible-carbs…you get the idea). SO when she told me she was going to be at the finish line, I knew I was pushing it best as I can.

But it was hard. I had to put on my SOS Playlist, and really try to pump my arms. That was hard. My legs were killing me. Literally. And my big toe on the left foot was hurting. A lot. I knew I was going to see a huge bruise there when I finish.

More bananas, more energy drinks, last gel…

I got to the 38th KM and started to push it. Not mad push it, because I didn’t want to risk it, but I pushed it best I could.

I got to the last turn and could see the finish line, so I sprinted best I could, and even stopped right before the finish to give a high five to my little bro. He was ecstatic.


I then proceeded to eat something (apple+coconut cake which I didn’t eat during the race as I had originally planned), consumed 1/2 liter of water, changed because the amount of salt present on my body and my clothes was unbelievable, and changed to my impanera flipflops.


All my people on facebook thought it was pathetic, but my feet were dying!!


The Aftermath –

I was mostly okay right after, besides sore hams and quads, and the bruised big toe.

However, I woke up on Monday and something was seriously wrong with my left foot. It felt like some torn tendons again. How do I know that? Because I have had this injury many times before. Its like my chronic injury. My friend suggested I roll a tennis ball on the muscle. Apparently that helps relief the pain. So, I have been trying that, and so far so good. I have just been doing Insanity Core Cardio and Balance and ChaLEAN Extreme.


I shall be back later this week with pics and some more fitness news!!


Off to watch how La Liga is going to end up!



Running a Marathon this Weekend!!


I am running a marathon in less than 24 hours! Wow! I am so excited. I am actually anticipating this. Isn’t that very weird? I have my playlists ready, including an SOS one with canciones en Espanol (I swear I must have some Hispanic genes, my love for this culture + language just won’t make sense otherwise)….

So here is my game plan……


Wake up at 6:30, shower (? – haven’t decided yet), eat my breakfast for champions consisting of 50 grams dried oats, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder and a banana. Before the race I will have a banana as well.



Here is my fuel:



CarboSnack, one at 10 K and another at 35 K



EnduroSnack at the 20 K point


Coconut Voltage Energy Cake at the 30 K point

There will also be bananas, oranges and energy drinks every 5 kilometers so I will play around with it a little.


I am planning on using RunKeeper at the start to pace me. I was warned several times that I must be careful not to start off too quickly, so I need RunKeeper to tell me how fast I am going.

I have actually been testing several applications on the iPhone to see which one works best. I tried Pace Yourself Lite, Motion GPS, RunKeeper and MapMyRun. Motion GPS is very good because its map variety is amazing and it is also very accurate. However it takes me time to flip between the screens and it seems slow at times. I used RunKeeper on my last long run and had to turn it off after the first 8 KM because it was seriously eating up my battery. I tweeted about it last night and this morning I found this response from RunKeeper:




I have changed my phone’s setting so hopefully it will save me some battery. I just want to use it at the beginning….

In terms of TIME – I would really want to finish in just around 5 hours, but being realistic this may not happen. I am thinking it might actually take me about 5 hours and 40 minutes. I plan on starting at a 7:30 min/km pace and if I can, I would want to bring it down to 7 min/km at the last 10 kilometers.



YOGA!! I will come home ASAP and do the Yoga sequence from Women’s Health which has already proven to be the best healer for the muscles after a long run.