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Hi Hots and Fits!

I went on yet another (and probably my last?) long run on Saturday morning. And now I cannot move. Kidding. I can. But it hurts. A lot.




Well, truth be told, I did some of Women’s Health fabulous yoga sequence on Sunday morning and it worked miracles. I should have continued suffering but alas, it helped. Its now Tuesday and I was able to go through an Insanity sweat sesh on Monday morning (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) and a 5.5 K run this AM.



So, I got the marathon in two weeks (for some reason I thought it was three weeks?!!?). I have no set plan in terms of workouts/training sessions, but I do know I will not do any more long runs (more than 20 KM). Also, all my beachbody programs are all over the place now with all the training, so until May 11th (the marathon is on the 9th but I’d need a day to recover!) I cannot plan my workouts per se.



That said, I think I will be doing hybrid ChaLean Extreme and Insanity. And some running naturally since I have been doing Insanity all winter and would love to go outside. I’d do P90X but the workouts are so long. ChaLean is no longer than 30 minutes.


Alright, this girl is out in order to catch up with one of my favourite things in the world – telenovelas!



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