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Long Run

Hey hey Hots and Fits!!

How’s it going? Things are looking very good at this side of the world! I have been recovering trying to rest after the trip to Slovenia, but I was quite unsuccessful. I keep going to bed too late and barely able to get up in the morning. I hate that.



This morning I went for my longest run yet in order to prepare myself for the marathon. I wanted to run 25 KM (15.6 miles for those who speak American) but instead it ended up being 30 KM (18.7 miles).



I started off pretty bad, because the path I had chosen had too many hilly streets and my legs didn’t like that. So the first 6 kilometers were quite tortuous. Thank goodness my legs soon started feeling better. I stopped at least four times, first time for banana + 1/2 liters of water + potty break, second time for energy gel, third time for potty break, and fourth time for an energy cake. I also walked a lot. Like up hills when I didn’t feel like running them, or crossing the streets where the zebras are.


I ran a 7:36 min/km pace, which isn’t fast, but I am not going for speed. I just want to finish the full marathon. And my knees are killing me. Seriously, I am really sore.

The big QUESTION now is whether or not I am going to run another long run. Because the marathon is in four weekends and I do not wish to be tired physically or mentally. Because these runs are a serious mental work. Any opinions????


See you all later!


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