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Hi Hots and Fits!

I went on yet another (and probably my last?) long run on Saturday morning. And now I cannot move. Kidding. I can. But it hurts. A lot.




Well, truth be told, I did some of Women’s Health fabulous yoga sequence on Sunday morning and it worked miracles. I should have continued suffering but alas, it helped. Its now Tuesday and I was able to go through an Insanity sweat sesh on Monday morning (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) and a 5.5 K run this AM.



So, I got the marathon in two weeks (for some reason I thought it was three weeks?!!?). I have no set plan in terms of workouts/training sessions, but I do know I will not do any more long runs (more than 20 KM). Also, all my beachbody programs are all over the place now with all the training, so until May 11th (the marathon is on the 9th but I’d need a day to recover!) I cannot plan my workouts per se.



That said, I think I will be doing hybrid ChaLean Extreme and Insanity. And some running naturally since I have been doing Insanity all winter and would love to go outside. I’d do P90X but the workouts are so long. ChaLean is no longer than 30 minutes.


Alright, this girl is out in order to catch up with one of my favourite things in the world – telenovelas!



Virtual Sleep

Hey Hots and Fits!

How many times before have I mentioned that I don’t like Mondays? Better say, I have nothing against Mondays, but I do have something against Sunday nights. Like, falling asleep. Actually being able to tune out and not think about the coming week.



I crawled out of bed this morning and while brushing my teeth I contemplated going back to bed for another hour. I find this particular sort of conversation which I have with myself at times very funny. Because I know it is never going to happen. I cannot remember the last time I just skipped a morning workout because I didn’t feel like doing it.

As I am still recovering from Saturday’s run, I plugged in Insanity’s Core Cardio and Balance which, with all this marathon training, has become my favourite workout (I don’t do the others as often because I don’t want to get injured or feel fatigued).



If you want a good abs + hips total body workout and a nice calorie burn too, this is the way to go. I love all Insanity workouts so I cannot be too objective, but this one is very good without getting yourself killed by the end.

I am off to start planning our trip to PARIS. Anyone been?

Long Run

Hey hey Hots and Fits!!

How’s it going? Things are looking very good at this side of the world! I have been recovering trying to rest after the trip to Slovenia, but I was quite unsuccessful. I keep going to bed too late and barely able to get up in the morning. I hate that.



This morning I went for my longest run yet in order to prepare myself for the marathon. I wanted to run 25 KM (15.6 miles for those who speak American) but instead it ended up being 30 KM (18.7 miles).



I started off pretty bad, because the path I had chosen had too many hilly streets and my legs didn’t like that. So the first 6 kilometers were quite tortuous. Thank goodness my legs soon started feeling better. I stopped at least four times, first time for banana + 1/2 liters of water + potty break, second time for energy gel, third time for potty break, and fourth time for an energy cake. I also walked a lot. Like up hills when I didn’t feel like running them, or crossing the streets where the zebras are.


I ran a 7:36 min/km pace, which isn’t fast, but I am not going for speed. I just want to finish the full marathon. And my knees are killing me. Seriously, I am really sore.

The big QUESTION now is whether or not I am going to run another long run. Because the marathon is in four weekends and I do not wish to be tired physically or mentally. Because these runs are a serious mental work. Any opinions????


See you all later!

Greetings from Slovenia

Hey ya’ll!!


I just got back from vacay with the familia in the lovely country of Slovenia! It was SO nice. Kind of like Switzerland/Austria, only the people are much nicer.

We stayed at a hotel near the famous lake Bled, which is gorgeous. Here is my morning run scenery:



I have only ran distances that take 40-45 minutes long. I should have incorporated a long run this weekend since my marathon is on May 9th but I honestly was not able to do it. I planned on doing a 12 K but ti didn’t happen…


Anyhoo, I am off to unpack. I got this perfume which my mama swears by:

Really, very strong!