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Half Marathon Recap

Hey ya’ll!


I believe its been about a MONTH since I lasted posted. Wow. It is actually the end of March.

March, by the way, has been the most fabulous month thus far. And the year just started.

I got to travel for a few days to the Holy Land


1, 2, 3

Seriously, have you ever seen a place this beautiful, where a church, mosque and synagogue all fit into one fantastically gorgeous picture? My favourite country in the world.


I also ran my first half marathon race EVER this past weekend. Honestly, this winter I have not really trained. When March came along, I did two 10Ks, one 15 K (on the morning of my flight – I cannot believe I was even able to walk after) and a 20.5 K 6 days before the race.

It was a mental challenge in a way. I knew I would definitely finish it, I just hoped it would be in less than 3 hours and that I will not be last! The latter really bothered me for some reason. Also, when I did the 20.5 K, I ran 17 (yes, that;s right, seventeen) laps around my neighbourhood. Way different when you are encircling a city. I didn’t know it was THAT small. It was also more hilly, and for some reason I felt like I had to pump extra hard on hills. I think it worked because I ended up passing quite a few runners.

The race itself was fabulous. It was so well organized I was quite surprised. Also, so many people came out to cheer (meant a lot for me as none of my family or friends bothered – I am still getting told off for even running it!!) and that created such a nice atmosphere.

I started about 9 minutes after the gun went off (cause there were so many participants). My delta time was 2 hours 35 minutes and 6 seconds. My real time was 2 hours 26 minutes and 2 seconds.


And here I am, really happy to finally finish:



The plan now is to see whether I can do the full during the first week of May. It means I am going to have to run at least 2 long runs within the next month, probably a 30 K and a 35 K. I am not too sure how this will work out though. I just want to finish, obviously…


Hypothetically Speaking…

Howdy people!


How is it going? This week worth of holiday is almost ending and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am so off my schedule when I am on vacay. I am an eating mess and my exercise is slacking. You’d think that just when I have MORE time I’d actually work out more. Nah ah, not this girl. I am just bumming around, hitting YouTube and watching re-runs of One Tree Hill.



I did go on a 10 K run Wednesday morning which went by extremely well. My half is on the 27th which gives me about 3 more weekends to run. I am planning to run a 15 K this weekend, a 20 KM next weekend, and another 15 K the weekend before. I am not going to do more than 2-3 runs a week because I am just getting back into it. And I love Insanity too much.


Last week, I ordered this book of which I heard good things on other blogs:



I am a strong advocate of a) books related to exercise/fitness/health and b) the theory that our minds play such a strong role in how we live.

When I ran track in high school my coach kept telling me how it was “all in your head” but I never seemed to get that. After doing a lot of Insanity and spending the last couple of years running, I know he was right. But like all things, it takes time to realise it and to exercise it (no pun intended).


Anyhoo, I am off to eat breakfast which I KNOW will not be a healthy one and then get my hair cut.


Have a fab Sat!


Believe Me I'm Lying

Hello lovelies!!


How is it going? Things here are muy bien!

I just finished this book:


This was a good and interesting read. I was occasionally disturbed by the language and …hmm…imagery (Virgin Mary writing here) but it was interesting and powerful. I have not watched the movie yet although the sister gave it to me last night. Better say, I watched about 20 minutes and turned it off. I have a thing for Eric Bana but books are always better than movies and I don’t want to be disappointed.

In the meantime I am going to start on something else till my new books arrive. When they do I shall share!


I am on a week holiday. I hate being on vacation. It drives me insane. I feel like my entire schedule is messed up. For example, instead of my usual 5 AM call I ended up waking up at 8. I don’t want this week to mess up my sleep habits. So its early to bed tonight!


In other VERY IMPORTANT NEWS (which should have been written at the start of this post) I run outside on Saturday!!!

Yes people, after over a month and a half, I actually headed outside. It was lovely after the first 2 KM. I did a total of 6.3 KM and am supposed to run longer tomorrow (assuming the winds here will slow down, its been crazy these last couple of days). I have to say, that my run was okay in terms of cardio only thanks to INSANITY. I cannot even imagine in what shape I would have been if it weren’t for Shaun T’s kick ass workouts. Amazing. My abs and quadriceps are extremely sore. I guess its the whole total body cardio that got to me.


Alright kittens, this girl is out of here. I am gonna update the playlist for manana and will post it up here later. I also need to update my training