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Just when I thought I said all I could say

Hi there Hots and Fits!


How are you doing?

Is it FREEZING wherever you are at, too?

This winter is beyond ridiculous at this point. I have never had such a cold winter.


Too many icicles are hanging from the roof which is actually quite scary. I had to take a long broomstick and break them



Also, have I mentioned the numerous times I have slipped these last few days? I am literally walking on a sheet of ice. Yikes. When will spring get here?


So, in other news…as you all know, I constantly bring up the FOOD issue on the blog. I consider myself to be very healthy; I constantly exercise (every day, at least for 40 minutes) and I aim to eat as raw as possible (is that even grammatically correct?). But oftentimes, especially during the winter, I fall short. I can be very critical of myself but I suppose habits that stay for a life time take….well, time.

Things are usually difficult when I am at home hanging out with the rest of the home dwellers. They have no sense of healthy living. See, for example, today I walked into the kitchen to find this:


IMG 0004

Poppy seed + coconut cake covered with melted chocolate and some more coconut


IMG 0006

Chocolate Birthday Cake. I call it like that cause it was my the ultimate birthday party cake

IMG 0008

Apple cake. Here the, baker was kind enough to use the European version of Stevia instead of regular sugar

For me, having these in front of my face is not easy (I still have not shown you the casa’s pantry!) but at the same time I love my home dwellers too much to put my foot down and make them stop. They enjoy it and they are happy that way. I’d be selfish if I tried to impose my life style upon them .

So, what am I trying to do? I am really planning everything. Which means I list down my workouts and meals the week before. I hate doing that (for meals, that is). It requires my brain to work extra hard and besides I am exceptionally spontaneous and this seems like the opposite. But I do it anyhow.

This week it has worked quite well. Till today. I inhaled too much cake. I try not to make it destroy the rest. But the truth is, Hots and Fits, at the moment I am just a wanna-be Hot and Fit. I’d say that about 90% of my pants are too tight, which makes me stick to these:


Puma Sweat Pants. They are elastic, you see.


I don’t want to make this any more depressing. Obviously this is also an issue that is bound to raise serious controversy. In the good news, I will tell you that I am slowly progressing towards INSANITY’s MAX Workouts. I did one last Saturday and will do one tomorrow AM. Total kick-ass. I love Shaun T. I wish I lived near so I could stalk him and pretend to join his workouts.


And because I want to make sure I am insert a word I cannot remember right now dedicated, I shall plan out my workout schedule for this weekend. Workout only, cause my eats are seriously oh-so-boring

Friday: AM Insanity Max Interval Circuit, PM WSU Challenge

Saturday: AM Insanity Max Plyometric Circuit, PM P90X’s Yoga X

Sunday: AM P90X’s Kenpo X, PM WSU Challenge


I shall now finish off in a true Hot and Fit fashion. One of my favourite celebs, Jennifer Garner (any Alias fans out there??) was quoted saying that not enough money in the world will get her to pose in a bikini:

If you want to see me in a bathing suit, you can go to season something of Alias and I wore a bathing suit for an episode. Go watch that, because that looked good!





I will be on twitter, ya’ll, till the next post 😉








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