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Fat Foods That Are Healthy

I absolutely love this girl.

In my opinion, she has the most desirable body on this planet (although Gisele could give her a run for her money)





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Hots and Fits, today has been tough. Very tough. Its that time of the month, and for me, its very very difficult.


I also went crazy this afternoon with a bunch of my friends and run in the snow. I was wearing jeans and knee-high boots so it wasn’t that disastrous. It only lasted 10 minutes and it was exhausting. There was 30 cm worth of snow.

I spent 1 and a half hours commuting this morning. Wow. Just wow. And saw about 5 car accidents on the way. People need to be more careful.


This morning started off with INSANITY’s Pure Cardio (I realise I am going in reverse here. Oh well) I was actually planning on doing another workout in the afternoon but it just not happening.

Instead I have read People Magazine and found out that Michael Buble is engaged to an Argentinian actress called Luisana Lopilato who used to be my childhood’s celebrity obsession.




I partly owe to her telenovelas the fact that I can speak Spanish. Yes, in case I have not bragged about it before, I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I learned it all from watching telesoaps since I was 10 years old. I am sad, but I also rock.


After I was finishing with PEOPLE I went on to more educational material and read an interesting article about fats. Since fats used to freak me out (I still don’t touch Peanut butter) I listed to the top 10 healthy fat foods I know of and how I eat (or, for some, would eat) them.

Oxymoron? No, not really.

  1. Avocado – with its amazing fatty acids, this guy rocks in my salads now adays. The country I was born at cultivates avocados in heaps. One of my BFFs is from Indonesia, she puts it in a blender with chocolate and gets a sweet avocado shake.
  2. Tahini – I am obsessed with hummus, and my family always puts tahini on the side, too. It has high nutritional values and is integrated in many types of diets, especially the Mediterranean. It constitutes of single and multi fatty acids which are unsaturated. This is a lot of gibberish to me, but I will tell you to dip your pita bread in it or pour some over your salad. I Will also tell you to watch your portion size and not to eat it raw unless you like a bitter taste. And let me know if you want me to e-mail you a recipe
  3. Halva – This is like tahini, only sweet. 100% sesame paste. When I was a kid my grandma would blend is for me with fruits. It resulted in one fat baby. I took of the weight as I learned how to walk. I have a Halva Spread downstairs in the pantry, and I also top my oatmeal with it sometimes. Again, watch your portion size (though you can get it sugar-free/low – cal)
  4. Canola oil – I don’t fry things. Never. Not because I am obsessed with what I put in mouth (I am, not denying, its just not the reason). I detest the smell. Anyhow, I know my dear madre only uses canola oil for frying because canola is like the “hybrid” of all oils.
  5. Walnuts – these guys contains many essential fatty acids, including omega-3. They also contains a high caloric value (642 kcal per 100 g) and are rich in protein (14.3 grams per 100 g). I try to grab a few nuts a day cause I do not voluntarily put healthy fats in my mouth. So I aim for 5-8 pieces and call it a day
  6. Flax – I cannot believe I am recommending flax, mainly because they don’t have in the country in which I reside at the moment. But flax seeds are good. Ask Katie, she knows better than me about this stuff. Put it in your oatmeal, cereals, and even in your soups and salads.
  7. Salmon – my favourite fish. I eat it smoked, cooked, grilled or canned. Tons of omega 3. Besides, as a kid my grandma used to say that fish was good for your brain. So if you have kids, they should have some of it, too.
  8. AlmondsHeather would be able to tell you more about this. Unsaturated fatty acids. Its becoming the phrase here, isn’t it? Apparently, they also help our bodies defend itself against toxic substances. They are also one of those nuts I may end up eating during the day. Usually salted, though. Cannot stand them otherwise.
  9. Olives – Not more than 5 a day. That is my rule of thumb. Myths say there is a difference between black olives and green olives – I was told its nonsense. I like the taste of green ones more, but sometimes I get a craving for black ones. Chop them and throw them in your salad. Or on your healthy pizza.
  10. Brazil nuts – these are fabulous due to their high selenium content, which makes their protein content “complete”. This means that, unlike the proteins in most plant products, Brazil nuts’ proteins contain all the necessary amino acids to foster optimal growth in humans. These aren’t available where I am, either. Serving size if I could? 5-8.


You guys have any fats you like to eat? Or do you think my assessment is too insane? I am fine with that, too!



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