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Heathcliff, my love

Jolly Thursday Hots and Fits!


I started the day extremely well! Despite a rather restless sleep I got up at 5:20 and decided to run outside.

For me, if I know in my head that it is cold but still wanna make it out and not let the winter scare me off, I open the window, stick my hand out, and prove to myself its not that cold (considering the fact that I sleep with a tanktop). I think it works because I am very warm when I wake up (now, wearing a long sleeve shirt and typing this, I am freezing!).

It wasn’t that bad but I only did 2 KM because my foot hurt. My other foot, that is. Weird. Something isn’t making sense. I will try again tomorrow.

Came back home and had a date with this guy (while being imitated by a bunch of other people):




I did the last 20 minutes of Pure Cardio, only skipping the 8 push ups + running session because I was going to end up late to work.


After all the “get ready hassle” (which lasts 20 minutes) I sat down to a bowl of this.

IMG 5071



I also had a cup of coffee in my favourite cup:

IMG 5073


Wuthering Heights is my favourite book. I heard Heathcliff.


I other interesting news, I came upon an article claiming that according to research, the pressure our knees and ankle joints absorb when running with sneakers is greater than if we were to run barefoot!



The research, conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Colorado in Virginia (huh??) studied the pressure on the hip, knee and ankle by gathering 68 volunteers, 37 of whom were women, all healthy, broad age range, and with no significant history of muscle injuries.

They ran at least 24 miles a week, either outside or on the treadmill. They also made them walk in high heels around a shopping mall for a while.

Surprisingly, they found that running shoes provided the highest pressure levels on the joints!

Threre are individuals that are criticizing this research, claiming that the sample group was too small. All I have to say is that I wish I could run barefoot.

I actually did once (shhhhh ….its a secret). I was on holiday in some remote village with my family and I felt like going for a run, but did not have my shoes. It was right after I graduated from high school and done with the track, thinking I would never wanna lace up those shoes! Anyhow, I did it. It felt great. But it is dangerous. Just thinking about all the crap that could be on the road made me constantly look down.



Ight Hots and Fits, my little sis just came back from vacay today so I’m going to hang out with her. I will see you all tomorrow!!


Its Friday in 3 hours! Well, at least for me 😛



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  1. Happy Friday dear!


    January 8, 2010 at 2:14 pm

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