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Winter Blues

Ahhh, the Winter Blues.


Despite the fact that I am currently involved in The Hot and Fit movement, I am affected by this crappy weather. As I previously stated, I was born to live in warm climates (the country I was born in averages 35C during the summer, 15C during the winter. Oh, and the beach is 5 KM away from my house).


If you are like me, you probably notice some changes when winter comes. Carbohydrates are calling your name. Its like the cake is screaming “EAT ME!!”. I think females have more of a thing for anything which involves some sort of dough. As in pastries. At least I do.

So why does this happen?

  • Because the cold creates a need for our body. Need – for – heat. Eating, especially warm foods, is one way to do so.
  • Because of the tendency to shut ourselves in the house and curl up on the couch. preferably with blankets. A natural consequence is usually a decline in physical activity (might as well be a couch potato), following seasonal depression, sending us to grab some food
  • Because of short daylight hours. Argh, this is almost as bad as the cold. Much more depressing though. Research shows that the number of light hours we have in a day may affect our metabolic response and our desire to consume a diet rich in fat and sucrose.

So what do we do?

  • Eat your summer foods, only in winter style: i.e. HEAT THEM UP! Instead of fruits and vegetables in cold salads, ate steamed vegetables and baked fruit. Instead of eating cold sandwiches try making it into a healthy toast.
  • Drink water. Something I definitely need to work on
  • The obvious: Eat foods that contain complex carbohydrates. This is probably the most important thing I have learned.


I do wish I could be hanging out in St. Barts like this girl:





1, 2

Gwen Stefani for you. Another celebrity The Hot and Fit appreciates for her music as well as for her diet talk.


In 2007 she told Harper’s Bazaar:


“I hate talking about it, but it’s true. I’ve always been on a diet, ever since I was in the sixth grade. It’s an ongoing battle and it’s a nightmare. But I like clothes too much, and I always wanted to wear the outfits I would make. And I’m very vain.”


Spoken like a true Hot and Fit!




3 responses

  1. Hey hot lady

    Wow great post. I was in the gloomy dark dreary morning when I got to work today. And then the same for the night.

    The workout was great for me today but lots of excess bad food! Two more days then back to “normal” at work. Phew!

    January 7, 2010 at 2:43 am


    January 7, 2010 at 2:44 am

  3. MNG

    And I do love the fact that she is honest about how hard she works!

    January 7, 2010 at 2:00 pm

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