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The First of 2010

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

This is The Hot and Fit’s first post of the DECADE!

Going back 10 years, I can remember believing there would be robots walking around in 2010, and that I’d be able to learn in my sleep.

So far, I only heard of robotic vacuum cleaners



This would be extremely handy for me, but unfortunately, it is not available here yet.


So I am wondering what ya’ll are up to today….I have done nothing so far. I got up around 10ish, after a late – full – of – fireworks night, had breakfast (some unhealthy version of pancakes, remind myself not to insert such junk into my body next time), read some pages from Breaking Dawn, then watched some videos on YouTube, had lunch and finalized my marathon training plan.

The plan is a draft, cause I missed some weeks due to snow/pneumonia, but I think I got it covered so far. I may actually post a link to it here. If you are interested, I am following The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST)‘s plan for first time marathoners.

So no more ramblings, tell me what you did today, and whether you are planning on working out! I thought I would, but now I am not too sure. I am not in the mood and I worked out double time yesterday. That Legs and Back workout was a killer after all – my legs are really, very sore!


This may sound desperate, but please hit me with your comments!




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