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When In Rome…or Monaco

Hi again!!


this is the first day in weeks during which I have not exercised. As in, no Insanity, no P90X, no Challenge and no Yoga. Wow. I did clean a bit, but that’s just about it. It feels weird.

Today I opened this box:


It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It also has a bit more fiber than my usual cereals.

IMG 8006


We don’t have All – Bran or Kellogg’s in particular in this country (well, besides the classical corn flakes)

I actually brought if over from my recent trip to the French Riviera/Côte d’Azur. The place is amazing. I think only St. Barts outrules it, but I am not even that sure as I haven’t been to St. Barts yet. Just so you see:



St. Tropez




I heart CHANEL. This is in Cannes. And just so you know, the auditorium where the film festival takes place at isn’t that fancy. The rest of the city is fabulous








I’d say that 90% of Monaco’s marketing campaign runs on Grace Kelly’s connection to the place. Or better say, Princess Grace.


Anyhoo, today my eats haven’t been very good either. I am just trying to make something out of it all.

Oh, and I cannot STOP listening to this song:

SO addictive!

Have any of you seen When In Rome?


L-O-V-E's Just Another Word I Never Learned to Pronounce

TGIF Hots and Fits!

Ignore the title – I know I always say I can’t stand Katy Annoying Perry but for some reason I am starting to like her. Especially this song.

I am becoming such a slacker with posting. I have no excuse really!

Although I am doing the Winter Shape Up Challenge (courtesy of The Fitnessista) I am not as perfect as I was last year. With my eats, of course. Always the eats.

I am not totally bad either, but I should clean up the diet more. It is just so hard to eat well when you are surrounded by junk. I wish I could fine the right metaphor to explain the struggle.

Maybe I will time my dinners. As in, sit with the rest of the home dwellers, cause I love them and want to have dinner with them, but leave after 15 minutes, which is when the disaster is about to happen.

I had too much cake, long story short.


Here are some pictures for your of someone who, for sure, knows how to handle her diet:




Today I have the day off work (local public holiday) but like a good morning person I was up at 5:50. Go figure. I should go back to napping. Its also 7 AM at the moment and still dark outside. I can tell you that is SNOWED. There goes my marathon training. Did you know that my half is in just two months? Yea, don’t think it will happen.


A lot of people asked me why I don’t hit the treadmill. First, I hate it. I really do. Second, I need to go to the gym, which would cost me more than $35 and it opens at very inconvenient times (I like to workout in the early hours of morn, and they open only at 9. I am already working at those hours) and finally, its not too close to the casa.


Okay, I am off to enjoy some quality time with this buddy



And I am waiting for these saviours to arrive:

100% Whey Isolate

100% Whey Isolate


No. Not Anthrax. Powdered Egg Whites.

Alright, here comes my attempt at napping. Of course, right after I hit PUBLISH. See you all later!


Victoria Beckham and Avatar Review

Greetings Hots and Fits!!

Yesterday I took my little brother to see Avatar. He has been longing to see the movie and I was politely trying to get away from my sibling duty with excuses, but I was not able to keep it up much longer.



I was seriously dreading the two-and-a-half hours I was going to have to sit and watch it. We were late getting there (left the casa too late) and to make matters even worse I got seats so close to the screen. I hate sitting close to the screen. I feel like my eyes can’t absorb the whole picture.

Okay well the movie was, in my opinion, the extreme absurdity of science fiction. Gosh. It lasted three hours with the break. Nasty looking creatures, and then those aliens with their tails and well those of you who saw it get my point. What I will say is that for the three hours in which it run – it actually kept my attention. Perhaps because I knew I couldn’t just leave the brother alone in the cinema. Point is, I got better things to do.

I didn’t exercise Saturday cause I vacuumed the entire casa for almost two hours and that definitely counts as a workout in my books.

This morning I spent a whole lot of time watching telenovelas and catching up on Gossip Girl. I just gotta watch episode 12 now, but then I am behind on Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. Oh gosh, the concerns I have!



I cannot believe Rob Lowe is leaving!!! I cannot imagine the show without him. I really truly like him. I think they should have a spinoff for him and Kitty or something. I won’t be able to stand the show longer without him.

In terms of exercise, I did INSANITY’s Pure Cardio workout today with my little brother (I think he was just trying to get away from doing his maths homework, but he stuck to it as much as he could). My back pain is still the same, despite BenGay and Ibalgin. I know that if I had the chance to run it would go away (no squatting involved) but you can’t always get what you want.

After lunch and more procrastination I did The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up Challenge. This time I wore my Polar and wow – this is a serious kick ass workout! I burned 300 calories from just doing a five minute workout and doing the circuit three times. If I ever get stuck in a rut I could just do an INSANITY-like warm up for 10 minutes and then the circuit 4 times. I will be feeling it and dripping it.

In other news, ya’ll know I am a Victoria Beckham fan. There is no rational explanation behind this sentiment. I just happen to like her. Maybe its those Spice Girls memories. Anyways, compare and contrast.








Yes, very different. I still like her though. No rationality.

Have a fabulous week!

Moving Stink Bomb

Hey Hots and Fits!

Sorry for being so annoyingly MIA in these last few days, but I was taking it easy and getting back on track. Nothing too interesting happened, so here is a list of my highlights thus far!



Did INSANITY’s Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Tracy Anderson’s Upper Body Workout.

I also got two of her DVDs, The Tracy Anderson Method – Mat Workout and Dance Cardio Workout. I haven’t tried it yet so I cannot review. Looks very tranquil from what I’d seen thus far. Oh, and Gwyneth Paltrow appears at the end of the DVD. I can’t stand her.



1, 2



Woke up for yet another INSANITY sesh, this time it was Cardio Power and Resistance. Warm up was okay, but once the actual workout started, and I got into those Power Jacks, something went wrong I believe because I was overcome by a huge pain in my lower back. I have always suffered from this pain. Used to be in immense pain when I did track and field in high school. I still managed to pull through, but canceled my Yoga sesh with Women’s Health because I did not want to push it.




Went for Plyometric Cardio Circuit which is an awesome INSANITY workout, then headed to the grocery store and found some Pitted Prunes from San Jose, CA! Wow, all the way to the EU! it was the highlight of my day. Came home, and did The Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up challenge.

I am doing it, guys. I did her Summer Shape Up and got amazing results, so I have faith in the woman. Go to her site to this the whole plan, you can start any time, but here is what I did:




Back pain not going away anywhere, I was determined to head out for a run. However, the reason I have not been running has been the snow. Well, snow slightly disappeared, but the temperatures went down by about 10 degrees centigrade that it was about -15C at night. Which means black ice.

I was however, in a true Hot and Fit fashion, determined to TRY. And to be honest, I did not think it would be that bad. Well, I started running, with my awesome running gear I was not feeling the cold at all. But my feet were feeling the ice. I was kind of skating occasionally. It was not longer amusing after 2 KM when I hit the floor. My right arm has been hurting quite a bit since. Irresponsible and careless, but I completed 4.5 KM.

In the afternoon I did INSANITY’s Cardio Recovery. Again, my assumptions were wrong. I honestly thought this was going to be a fairly easy workout. But when is INSANITY ever easy? Shaun T mentions its not cardio, its recovery. But he works your muscles really well. I could feel my quadriceps the day after like never before.

In the evening I found myself presented with three cakes:



Semolina, poppy seeds and chocolate.

Lets just say that I had too much and it was not good. But my home dwellers will not stop putting junk every where. It is very hard to eat properly when you have an over variety of food and a lot of it is junk. The cakes are one thing. There is a whole crazier fiesta going on in the pantry.

I am very blessed, I know. But I do wish I could just keep my diet simple stupid.


I have not done P90X in a while so decided I’d do that for recovery purposes. Kenpo X was on my list on preferences. Now, I do not know whether it is the effects of the Cardio Recovery or simply Kenpo X, but I felt my abs SO much during this workout, especially my obliques. I actually still feel it now.

After all the Friday afternoon errands I came home and did The Fitnessista’s circuit again. For the record, I repeated it three times cause my back is still hurting, and I am modifying the burpees and back extensions.



So here I have it all. Now the plan for Saturday is to do nothing, then take my car to the service for the hundredth time, watch Avatar, and in between squeeze in a workout.

Oh and I am using



To relieve my back pain. But it stinks. SO BAD! My home dwellers are considering kicking me out. Also, I cannot put it on at work because I know I will get fired for being a moving stink bomb. Besides, I do not feel it is that effective.

In some TWITTER news – you can follow Shaun T here. I am already following him! And if you wanna follow me then you can do so here. Come on, I am just as cool!

Anyhoo, hope you all have an amazing Saturday!! I might take today off working out but I have a lot to do around the casa so I will consider it a workout.


Brazilian Festives + Food Diaries

Hey hey gorgeous friends!!!


How are you? I haven’t posted for two days – feels like a long time. I have just been very busy with the sister’s birthday (she is very special) and all the festives. Today we actually went to an awesome Brazilian restaurant that operates on the “eat as much as you can ” basis. I am not a fan of these sort of…arrangements…but I do love this restaurant.


IMG 7004


I only had the vegetarian buffet because I am not a huge fan of meat (as I previously stated). Trust me, there was so much food in the buffet. Here is my first plate:

IMG 7003

Sushi, orange lentils, all colors of raw peppers, baby eggs, cucumbers, mushrooms salads, grilled zucchinis….

Obviously, I went back for some more mushroom salads, veggies, sushi (I ate tons, I love it with Ginger) and so on.

IMG 7006


These baby eggs were very interesting. Did you know that when I was a kid I hated egg whites and would only eat the yolk. Now its the opposite: I cant stand the yolk and will only eat the egg whites.


We had a really good time. I love my family so much and always have a blast when its just my siblings, my padres and me!



This morning, I thought I would take it easy and did Core Cardio and Balance to start with. I honestly thought I was going to get a very easy workout. Heck, Shaun kept mentioning how this is “recovery” and how we should not push ourselves too hard.

Guys, here are my stats, for your judgment:

Duration: 39 minutes
Average HR: 160 BPM
Max HR: 196 BPM
Calories: 360

I am quite ridiculous…honestly when has INSANITY ever been easy?? But this workout was AWESOME. How many times have I mentioned that I LOVE INSANITY ?

After that I did INSANITY’s Cardio Abs which was quite good; its short (about 17 minutes) and there are no crunches involved. The first 3 minutes or so are brutal.



All this workout talk brings me to another issue. I workout quite a lot (at least 45 minutes every day) and I burn quite a bit of calories (I’d imagine at least 350). I tend to make healthy choices, heck, I claim to be Hot and Fit, but especially in this season I have my ups and downs. I don’t find much help from the fact that my house is surrounded by crap. My homedwellers have so much junk. I have stacks of Twix, Kit Kats, Chocolate bars and Cini Minis downstairs. They also like to encourage me to eat these things.



So, you get the point. I have not been eating very healthy in the past couple of weeks. I do work out a lot, but I truly believe that 75% of how we look comes from our diet. We are what we eat. So, I need to clean up the junk. ASAP.

I have decided to keep a sort of food dairy, where I would write what I put in my mouth. Everything. Not counting calories or anything, cause I hate doing that, but just knowing what I am feeding my body with. I tried this before, it worked beautifully.

IMG 7022

The plan is to write everything in here. The plan. Whether that will happen remains a mystery.

Right. Its Harry Potter time for me. I was supposed to go see Avatar today but my friends ditched at the last minute so we are seeing it tomorrow.

Have a fab weekend. Or better say, rest of the weekend!


Feel The Burrrrrrrn

Howdy gals and pals!

Oh there are only 2 days left for this week. I am really tired. I am actually pissed about not running, but thanks to INSANITY , I am not completely losing it. Yet. I want to run. Its so not fair.


But I should shut and and stop whining.



This morning I sat to eat my breakkie and once opening the news application on my iPhone I heard about Haiti and was overcome by sadness. How unfortunate for these people who lost their loved ones, their homes…it makes me so sad. I wish I could be there physically and help them.


I did in INSANITY’s Plyometric Cardio Circuit this AM and it was very good. Definitely felt the burn. And I am am going better. I can just tell it. Tomorrow is Pure Cardio .


I came home and found out that I was out of my favourite wraps, or better say, the only affordable, healthy wraps available in this country:




This Dutch brand is quite good, and healthy, but they are available only at one store (pathetic) and I don’t usually get to go there. Anyways, one of my home dwellers will pack up about 8 for me.

In the mean time, I went to get a pack of these (just one, cause they are double the price):



Poco Loco is Belgian (we are so versatile here, the benefits of being a TCK) and these were so freaking good. Similar issue though – available at only one chain and the cost. Oh well.

The fuss is cause I depend on wraps. Seriously. every single lunch I have a wrap.


After lunch digested I did a lot of work around the casa…one and a half hours worth of work…and then plugged in P90X’s Shoulders and Arms .

I have said this before, I will say it again. I use 1 kg dumbbells. I have some bands which I recently purchased but I cannot get the hang of it for some reason. They are short. Anyhoo, I go for max reps in these workouts. Kind of like Tracy Anderson’s Method . Its not the way in which the program was designed to work, but so far it works for me. I feel the burrrrn.


Where were you when you heard about what has happened in Haiti?

Ca – Ca – Cake

Hey hey Hots and Fits!


I am just done with my favourite Yoga sessions (Weeks 3+4) – wow.



It feels SO good! Just so you know I am really not a fan of Yoga. I actually used to hate it. The whole “connect with the earth” this is not for me, and I didn’t like its slow pace. I tried numerous DVDs (though never been to a class) but until I found this I could honestly not get through a whole sesh. Try it – its awesome!


After dragging myself out of bed this morning I got myself ready and pressed play on P90X’s Interval X Plus. As I mentioned many times before, I do not follow the program strictly. I just do whatever DVD I want to do.

This is a great workout – reminds me sometimes of INSANITY’s Cardio Power & Resistance, only not as intense in terms of cardio. You do plenty of squat variations and some push ups (which I modify since I am incapable of doing them exactly like they do it on the video).


Anyhoo, keeping this short today, its my sister’s birthday. I am going to have some cake. Yes, I am not kidding. Here is what I got for her today at the store:


Black Forest Bavarian Cake




Cream Cheese Cake