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Almost 2010!!!

Hey Hey !!!

How’s your day been? Wow, tomorrow is the last day of 2009. Is it just me, or do you guys also notice that as you get older time goes by much faster?

Such a bummer, I don’t want to get old (sort of, there are benefits, though!)

Tomorrow I know will be hectic (there are always last-minute errands) but I do not actually have any major plans for NYE. The majority of my BFFs are, unfortunately, out of the country, visiting their families who reside abroad, and I am pretty much stuck here. I do have some plans to head into town with some friends for the count-down, but I do not wish to do anything too crazy….see? this itself is proof that I am getting OLD!

I did want to show you some of the other goodies I got yesterday. Some, because I got a whole load of other things which are already nice and cold in the freezer/fridge

IMG 5060

Tons of Greek yogurt (it was ridiculously cheap compared to where I live, like 4 containers for $1.50), Philadelphia Cream Cheese (with mushrooms…they were out of salmon), Tzaziki (heart this!) and Gnocchi.

Yes, Hots and Fits, I actually bring in food from abroad. What can I say, there is a foodie deep inside of me dying to come out.

This morning I woke up to snow which was all watery (temps are high, so its melting) so that meant a lovely INSANITY sweat session. Did Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Some things never get old.

I also had this thing to provide some comfort:

IMG 5058


I am not a huge cocoa fan, as a matter of fact I cannot remember the last time I drunk it, but this was good. Reminds me of the years I was young and cute.

I also got a resistance band yesterday but I did not get a chance to use it today. Errands, errands and a whole lot of procrastination.


Anyhoo, I am going to try and hit the hay earlier today, because I desperately need to get back into my sleeping routine. Anybody in the same situation? Too many holiday late -nights? I do fear Sunday night!


See you tomorrow!!!




2 responses

  1. I am pumped for Max Insanity tomorrow, kind of scared at the same time….

    That cocoa drink looks yummy!

    Happy Day,



    December 31, 2009 at 4:08 am

    • MNG

      I am still not at the max phase, but I did Pure Cardio today – wow there are almost no breaks! My goodness! I had to hit pause a bunch of times

      Also did P90X’s Legs and Back, but had to skip all the pull ups cause I do not have the set up. Still got a good workout!!

      December 31, 2009 at 3:45 pm

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