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The Hot and Fit Presents: Game Plan for 2010

Morning sunshines!

This holiday is flying by FAST! It has already been a week, and I definitely need to get back into my sleeping habits. I would hate for Sunday to roll around and I’d not be able to doze off till midnight! I can imagine how my 5 AM wakeup call the following morning would not take place.

This morning I went on another run, same distance as I did two days ago. I am still finding it quite difficult, breathing and leg-pain wise. I doubt 10 days off running could enforce such an effect, especially since I have been working out intensely. I also need to re-evaluate my half marathon + marathon training plans, since I had more than a week off and I am using this week to get back into the game.

Speaking of re-evaluating, then, I found an interesting article about steps we must take in order to plan our fitness goals effectively for the following year. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a new years resolution(s) (I don’t do the whole new years resolutions thing, but I know it works very well for some of my friends!) – I can even see myself using the method for scheduling my marathon training!


Begin with goal setting

ImageWhen I was in university they kept drilling the concept of SMART into our heads. Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. So don’t just try and lose 20 pounds, but try to lose 20 pounds in 6 months and also throw in a bunch of strength goals, like doing 20 consecutive pushups or running an 8-minute mile.


Take Action


So we got the goal, and now we need the game plan as I like to call it. You want to run but its cold outside. Well, first step would be to get a gym membership or get some cold-weather running gear. Then start running or elliptical-ing for 45 minutes 4 days a week, and don’t forget intervals, cause they increase your metabolism. The second step would be to incorporate some strength training two days a week so that you can do those 20 consecutive pushups in 6 months time. The third step would be to eat often, and eat clean, raw, foods so that you will support all the hard work you are doing. And the fourth step would be to take a day off. Because we all need to rest.



Focus on overall fitness and health

ImageThis is a hard one. It took me a long, long time to get to this point, and there are times when I am still not completely there yet. You gotta think outside the box. Outside the “I want to lose weight/inches/fat” etc. Your goal should eventually change into a lifestyle, because this is the only way to maintain your results, and to never have to be in the place again where you need to lose something!

Find some purpose in it

Running for charity.

Running a marathon.

Teaching classes at the local Y.

Or maybe just wanting to be a better competitor at some sport. You really have to want to do it, and want to be better at it!

Re-evaluate your goals

Maybe its only been 3 months and you can already do your 20 consecutive pushups (kudos!) Or maybe you already lost your 20 pounds and you ran your first half marathon.

Well, put up some new goals!

Run at a faster pace.

Try one-leg pushups.

The variety is endless.

So what can you eat?


I used to focus so much on what I cannot eat rather that what I should eat. I would have a sort of “bad-foods-list” which included anything that would cause my eating habits to freak out. That’s a seriously wrong attitude. There are no bad foods. There are simply foods that are not as nutritious as others. So instead of thinking about what you shouldn’t eat, think about how you can enjoy a little bit of everything.
I like tuna. But I used to completely freak out from the concept of eating tune in vegetable oil, because I was too consumed in calorie counting. So now, if I have no tuna in brine/water, I will have a smaller portion of the tuna in oil and enjoy the taste. Tomorrow, when I get my butt to the store and buy some tuna in water, I can have a larger portion. See? I am having the best of the fish world!

Get ready to face some problems





The Economy

This is where we need to lose the “whole or nothing” concept (another one which I have been guilty of and sometimes still am!). When you know something is going to impose a difficulty for your plans, have back up. Always plan and always have back up!


Can’t afford the gym? Get some home DVDs.

Don’t have time? Wake up 30 minutes earlier.

Injury? Focus on strength training.

Same goes for your eating habits. You are on vacation, then hit the local grocery store daily and purchase your fair share of fruits, veggies, granola bars and some source of protein. Packed sandwiches, salads, wraps and sushi work well, too.

Get a workout buddy

This can be great for motivation and consistency. I wish I had one where I lived. Fortunately, I think I found one with this amazing young lady! She is my fitness inspiration, and totally motivates me to work harder! I also heart these fitness gurus – they take it up to a whole new level!

In the words of Nike – JUST DO IT

It may sound cliché, but seriously, just get your behind out of bed, brush your teeth, get dressed, and get the hell out. Give it about 10 minutes to get used to the movement, and then you are a goner.
I have these mental battles often. Especially now. Darn it, I wanna sleep. “Push it to the afternoon”. Yea, not such a good idea. Something always pops up.


Do you have anything that tends to hinder your attempts at being Hot and Fit? Maybe many different things? Tell me! I really want to know!





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4 responses

  1. I am SO behind on my blog because of my internet problem.

    I have to make a MASSIVE post tomorrow.

    I love your post, it’s so true. I am glad we can motivate each other!

    I have to say the Max Insanity Cardio Conditioning is ridiculous…so hard…but so good. I pushed myself to a level I haven’t reached in a long time….They really know what they are doing with Insanity. I ordered the 3 deluxe extra dvds – I will do them this week and let you know if they are worth the $$ or not.

    I could send your some samples of stuff in the mail – like chia, magazine clippings, etc…Not sure how long it would take to get to you though!

    Hope your Monday is going well,


    December 28, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    • MNG

      Oh thank you, you are such a sweetheart!

      Yes, definitely let me know about them! I heard there is a good upper body workout!

      December 29, 2009 at 12:15 am

  2. Late bed time for me.

    Tomorrow insanity pure cardio then p90x shoulders/arms and ab ripper. Maybe split into am pure cardio/abs then breakfast then shoulders/arms.

    I only have the luxury of doing so since I’m only going into the office for an hour.

    Hope your day goes well. I’ll
    finally get to post update my blog tomorrow!

    December 29, 2009 at 6:54 am

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