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Get Hot and Fit: Insanity's Cardio Power & Resistance

I think that thus far this is my favourite workout. Although you must know I am only on week one (sort of, I take some days off…)



I like how the workout combines both kick-ass cardio and some strength training. And no equipment is involved.

The Hot at the moment is my favourite move which is inverted “V” pushups. You do those by starting out like you are doing a normal push-up on an incline, but instead, walk your hands closer to your feet until your body looks like an upside down V. Do the push-ups from there. And I get a whole new sense of appreciation towards Tricep Dips. Yes, I will be feeling my triceps tomorrow. Oh, and of course, the last sequence involved 3 repeats of 8 squats 8 pushups. Wow. Just wow. The Spit is that I did this 3 hours after breakfast and I still wanted to vomit occasionally. It’s that hard. And we also must consider the fact that I am a morning exerciser. My body is used to work out on an empty stomach.

Also, I do have to pause occasionally to lengthen the break. Shaun T keeps mentioning how important it is to let your heart recover. It takes me longer than 30 seconds. Man, even the stretch session has me dripping!


Anyhoo, I am off to shop but I am really wanna know what have you done this weekend!

Peace out for now!



One response

  1. Yipppeee. Cardio power is my fav so far!

    Friday max interval circuit

    Saturday max interval plyo and p90x shoulders and arms

    Sunday p90x core syn ( just wrapped up )

    I woke up today SO SO sore

    December 27, 2009 at 7:09 pm

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