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Heart Rate and Beachbody

Happy Christmas Day!


I am getting so sick of using Christmas at my opening. This is the last time, I promise.

I said I’d exercise today but its not happening. Day started very late, very lazy, and well, I did two workouts yesterday, I am going to let that comfort me.

Good news is, I woke up to this:



Sun in the skies, and snow is gone. I was delighted. I know you Christmas fans think I am awful (I am competing with the original Grinch for his title) but I hate winter.

Which means I should be getting a run tomorrow morning!!! YES! Its been almost two weeks!!! You know you are all as excited as I am!

For the record, my sister, who is in a warmer place on the globe right now, did work out today. She actually wore a tank top and capris. Yea, I am jealous.


Anyhoo, I wanted to post my recent HR from my last few Insanity workouts. And calorie burn. You know, the whole deal. No reason, but I wanted to give ya’ll some indication regarding how FREAKING.GOOD Insanity is!!!




[click on the links if you want to see my review of the workout]

Workout #1 December 20th 2009

Fit Test – Insanity

Duration: 44 minutes
Avg HR: 153 BPM
Max HR: 201 BPM
Calories burned: 363

Workout #2 December 21st 2009

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – Insanity

Duration: 45 minutes
Avg HR: 163 BPM
Max HR: 194 BPM
Calories burned: 420

Workout #3 December 22nd 2009

Core Synergistics – P90X

Duration: 57 minutes
Avg HR: 137 BPM
Max HR: 169 BPM
Calories: 343

Workout #4 December 23rd 2009

Pure Cardio – Insanity

Duration: 43 minutes
Avg HR: 157 BPM
Max HR: 197 BPM
Calories: 377

So….Looking pretty good IMHO. Note the major difference between an Insanity workout and a P90X workout. Although I should also check my HR for one of the P90X cardio workouts and see what I get. Either way, these programs are very different, so it makes sense!


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