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Rounding Up 2009: Best Sneakers

This is one of those things where I do not go with the flow.

I did track in high school my junior year (I ran the detestable 400 meters, and sucked at it!) and our coach always encouraged us to run in Asics.



I didn’t. I had a pair of bright orange New Balance which I loved and stuck to those (besides races, where I had those Asics spikes).

I then stopped running for about a year or two, and when I resumed it at my own will, I had a pair of Adidas. They did their job fairly well till they gave me an injury. I then got a pair of New Balance, and then another pair, and I will never change my mind again.

At least, I think I won’t. I heard so many times that Asics are the best, but every time I try them, I does not seem to fit well. I think I have wide feet and New Balance are just made for them.

Either way, Fitsugar readers picked Asics as the best sneakers brand for 2009 (second year in a row, actually). I won’t argue, but I won’t agree. New Balance all the way here.

The other options were:



If you don’t mind, click on this link below. It’s one of my favourite running commercials:



Your turn now. What do you run in?





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