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My neighbourhood is still looking like this:



This situation imposes a serious problem that has gotten me all panicked. I have not run in 3 days. It feels like a life time.

I do not see when I shall run again because it does not look like the temperatures are going to get any warmer and melt the snow away.

Tomorrow we are expecting -12 C and a windchill feeling like -20 C. Really unpleasant.

I am convinced, however, that with the suitable layering and determination I could run. The problem is that the snowplough (or WSV, whatever you wanna call it) does not actually visit my neighbourhood on wintery, snowy days.

I doubt the sole of my New Balance could handle this for a bunch of kilometers.



I am very, very serious about trying the Screw Shoe, if this means I could go outside. I do not wish to permanently damage my New Balance because I love them, but maybe that is the only way.

Has anyone tried anything like this before? Please tell me what you think. I’d love to hear/know what you would do!



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  1. Hey lady,

    I trained through a few winters for the Boston Marathon and I thought about using a similar system on my shoes, I never did it though, I slipped a few times but didn’t fall (thankfully).

    The only P90X workouts I did for body parts were ab ripper (amazing) and legs/back (totally killer and fun). I love the Insanity program though, it is kicking my butt. I will have to check out Interval X Plus – I don’t have that one though.

    Taylor (awww Twilight books, I read them all in 5 days) looks like a totally different guy now – apparently hours of lifting and eating every 2 hours (a ton of protein).

    Happy weekend!


    December 18, 2009 at 10:47 pm

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