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When Its Not In Our Control

Happy Humpday Hots and Fits!

Thank God this week is flying by! Only two more days of work here!

Today was a planned cross training day for me which was convenient cause it was quite cold outside. Mostly it was convenient because, as I previously stated, my right ankle is itching me a bit.


Instead I did a P90X video, called Interval Plus. I have the P90X DVDs but I do not actual follow them mainly because its quite time consuming and because I do not have the necessary equipment.

I honestly liked this DVD, and thought it definitely worked many muscle groups I do not normally work and there were certainly intervals there. I actually skipped the warm-up (about 4 minutes long) to do my own dynamic stretches, but then I did the remaining 36 minutes. The deal is, you start a routine (each “drill” lasting approximately 40 – 60 seconds) and then do the whole routine again, in reverse


Time: 50 minutes

Avg HR: 169 BPM

Max HR: 181 BPM

Calories Burned: 421


I have been thinking a lot about my training and running in general today (happens usually when there is a running off day…I am completely addicted!). I realised I want to run and obviously I have to run, but most importantly, my will overpowers the fact that I have to, which is a good thing.

The reason I say “have to” is because I signed up for the races

I also realised, that, unfortunately, I am not a fan of the cold or the dark and that presents a sort of burden. I am comforted by the fact that before (2-3 years ago) the 5 AM wake up call bothered me and it no longer does. Perhaps, with time, the weather and season won’t be an issue. Nevertheless, the consequences that may occur are important. I may get sick (hopefully not pneumonia again, but my nose is runny and I am coughing), I may get injured (right now I am sitting with an elastic band around my ankle) and so the list goes on.

I don’t think I will run tomorrow because the roads look like this:



Then again, I do try to tell myself that it could be a lot worse. Well, it will all get better with time.




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