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Rounding Up 2009: The Bikini Body

Hello you lovely Hots and Fits!


Today half sucks cause I worked late and its Monday.



The reason it just ‘half sucks’ and not fully sucks is cause its my last week of work before Christmas vacation commences.

Today The Hot and Fit officially marks the start of WINTER. No, no, this is far from a reason to celebrate. I dislike the cold and well, the place I reside does not seem to welcome summer often. So I’d assume the temperatures were around negative 4 centigrade this morning when I was running. It will get worse. I know it.

Normally, I’d coward out and stop running outside. Unfortunately Fortunately I have signed up for the half and for the full marathon so I do need to drag my behind outside and train.


Date: Dec 14, 2009 5:44 am
Distance: 5.52 kilometers
Elapsed Time: 32:09
Avg Pace: 05:50 min/km

In other less boring news, POPSUGAR (whose reading material recently seems to target 10 year old girls) is hosting several polls to wrap up 2009, and of course I will be presenting all the celeb and fitness related ones here! How can I not?

So for today, we have

Who Do You Think Has the Best Bikini Body of 2009?


You can vote here, !but The Hot and Fit says Gisele Bundchen Bar Refaeli Gisele Bundchen Bar Refaeli

Very hard to decide.

What’s your pick?


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