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The Hot and Fit on: MotionX GPS



Since I am not able to afford a Garmin 405 at the moment (I want the 405, not the 305, because the former is massive!) I had to find an alternative.

Well, I did spend a lot of money on the iPhone 3G (I even purchased the 16GB one, just saying…) so I was stoked to find some good recommendations on the Runner’s World forums pages for iPhone applications.

Most recommend iMapMyRun or Run Keeper. I actually tried Run Keeper last year, wasn’t very happy, and deleted it. It didn’t seem to find GPS signal at all.

Some people recommended MotionX GPS, and after looking at their website, I thought it seemed pretty awesome.






Note that I use MotionX GPS LTE (Lite) and not the full version (which costs about $2.99)


  • Good viewing of maps while running (or biking, hiking…whatever it is you are up to)
  • Excellent sharing abilities – Twitter, Facebook, E-mail etc
  • Photo snapping – you can take a picture at the place you are at and it will store it for your, with the precise coordinates
  • For us runners (and bikers too) – gives you the pace, speed, max speed, max pace, distance, time….and its available in both imperial and metric stats (for Europeans such as myself)
  • Full iPod integration – just choose your playlist!
  • Excellent at finding GPS signal!


  • A little slow to start, a little slow when switching between screens
  • Because this is the LTE version, you can only save one track
  • Battery life – argh, I doubt it can last for more than 20K!
  • Will not work with an iPhone older than the 3G or iPod Touch (since those don’t have the GPS chip)

The Hot and Fit says:

All in all, I love it! Its good, and if I had a suitable armband I’d even be happier (another thing to add to my Christmas Wishlist). What I am very satisfied about is that I can see my actual pace, distance covered, and the iPod integration.



I will definitely be posting a RunKeeper review later on this month; I feel like I owe it another try!




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