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The Hot and Fit Is With Fever

Dear Hots and Fits,


I know its been so long.

I have been diagnosed with Pneumonia earlier this week which has made me sleep too many hours and miss too many runs.

I will tell you that my Hot and Fit spirit has been high as always and even my doctor was surprised that I have such a good mood with 39.3C of fever.

My fever is now gone thanks to 2 gram doses of daily drugs (that just sounds so wrong but I love how American English lets me use the word “drugs” instead of “medicinewhat can I say in a different life I would have been an American)

Other than a bunch of yoga moves I haven’t gotten much done. This morning, though, I felt a little better, and did this workout with a 1 minute cardio interval in between each move.


So yes as mentioned above I did two sets of these moves and my-oh-my my quads and hamstrings are still shaking



So Women’s Health is my new favourite magazine and if I can’t run tomorrow then I am bound to try another one of their workouts.

In other news New Moon only premieres in this lovely country on November 26th which means I am going to be obsessing over it for the next 6 days so best of luck to my friends and family….the Edward Cullen talk won’t die soon….



Katy "The Mermaid" Perry

Wow, I swear I seriously had an optical delusion when I saw these pictures.



So it took a couple of seconds and then I realised it was Katy who-had-sex-in-Vegas Perry only without Russell Brand this time.

Wow, the spandex made me think I was seeing a walking mermaid!





Frankly I do not know why I dislike her….but whatever, the outfit is so interesting!