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Alessandra Ambrosio Is Oh-So-Hot

From all the Victoria Secret Models, Alessandra is our favourite! People Magazine recently posted an article on how she lost her baby weight after giving birth to her daughter, Anja Louise in August 2008.

Looks like although it has been more than a year, the hard work never ends…


Alessandra says it wasn’t an easy job at all:

“Last year, because I had a baby and I had to lose pounds, I did a lot of cardio. This year is all about weights, squats and lunges.”

Nevertheless, she walked in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just four months later, revealing her fabulous post-baby body.



But Ambrosio’s having a tougher time with this year’s show.

“After I gave birth, my diet was a very healthy diet, like no sugar, no bread. But now, I am just eating whatever. I’m working out […] four days a week.”


Look at her when pregnant!



The Hot and Fit says:

  • It really looks like she has a naturally thin figure – How else would we explain how amazing she looks even when pregnant?
  • Doesn’t that happen to many of us who DIET? You set the goal, try so hard for the time being, and once you get there, it can go all wrong – you start to indulge too much!
  • We’ve reached the conclusion a while ago, after too many years of high-protein/low-fat/low-calorie/5-factor/insert-yours-here diets that the only way to lose and keep looking good is by changing your lifestyle – eat well, respect your body, exercise

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